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Fix .gitignore to allow add bin/brew without -f

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1 parent d778aa6 commit 6333144c7b84d362007177adab2b5c9069a66d06 @adamv adamv committed Oct 25, 2010
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4 comments on commit 6333144

mxcl commented on 6333144 Aug 29, 2012

What's this about then? My confusion is first we ignore everything under bin (!/bin) then we unignore all files in bin (/bin/*) then we unignore bin/brew (!/bin/brew). I'm here for other reasons but I can't proceed before I grok this modification.


Ignoring a directory is different than ignoring files underneath it when it comes to how later negation patterns are processed.

So first we unignore bin itself, then ignore all files underneath it, then unignore /bin/brew.

If the first two steps are omitted, and only !/bin/brew appears, it will still require add -f, because the blanket /* ignores /bin, and ignored directories are not recursed into when processing patterns.

mxcl replied Aug 29, 2012



NP. It's confusing as hell. Presumably the only people who really understand it are those who wrote the functionality.

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