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More descriptionless README tweaks

It's nice that smaller READMEs are easier to get right.
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-[Homebrew][homepage] is the easiest and most flexible way to install the UNIX
-tools Apple didn't include with OS X.
+Features and usage are [summarized on the homepage][homepage].
-Quick Install
-[Install Xcode][xcode] and then run this script: <>
+Quick Install to /usr/local
+Run <> and afterwards, [install Xcode][xcode].
Umm… I thought I could install it anywhere?
-[Detailed installation instructions][install].
+Indeed, you can. Please read our [complete installation instructions][install].
-Look dude, just give me a three-liner!
+Dude! Just give me a three-liner!
Alright then… as long as you know what you are doing:
@@ -23,18 +22,13 @@ Alright then… as long as you know what you are doing:
curl -Lsf | tar xz --strip 1
-Example Usage
-There's an overview on the [homepage][].
-The Wiki
-Everything else is in the [wiki][].
+More Documentation
+The [wiki][] is your friend.
Who Are You?
I'm [Max Howell][mxcl] and I'm a splendid chap.

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