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I spent the last week or two auditing all the formula to see which brews
have a new version available. As of 1 JUN 2012, there are about 500.
My gist also contains notes if a formula is a game, or is dead. There
were a surprising number of apps that were updated in May of this year
after being dormant for a long time. For 99% of the ones I listed, I continued
using the stable version rather than development betas. Starting with the
letter D, I added to the the list the new url. As the updates roll in, I will try
to remove them. Please contribute to Homebrew and submit a pull request
to update any of these you want, but be sure to install the apps yourself to
verify that they build correctly and use clang, llvm-gcc, and gcc if you can
spare the time. If something doesn't work, I suggest you move on to ones
that do for now.


Thank you so much for this, @2bits! This is awesome.


Holy crap. Nicely done.


Doing a cursory read through the list, a couple of things:

boost-build (broken, points to boost-1.49.0)

The homepage is outdated, but the latest boost-build tools ship in the boost tarball.

ssh-copy-id why isn't this called openssh?

OpenSSH is a system duplicate, but OS X doesn't have the ssh-copy-id script, so we provide that part of it.


possibly some things that have been getting updates that we haven't kept up with could be removed, as the community may not be using those brews any more.


I'll move the games; this is what I gleaned from the list:


Thanks for the compliments. Has it been discussed having an ENV var like HOMEBREW_STATISTICS to anonymously get some idea of what formulas are getting installed?


The idea has been floated a few times, but nobody ever wrote any code.

Should we move this list to a wiki page? Perhaps with the caveat "do not delete any lines, but add strikethrough when action has been taken."


Making a wiki page out of this makes sense. It should probably have a note explaining how to add strikeout markup.


wiki page:

We can leave this issue open for discussion about removing things, etc.


vala - a new release 0.17.1 is available

vala like many other gtk projects has stable/unstable release cycle. 0.16 is a stable release, 0.17.xx is unstable one. The latest 0.17.xx will be renamed to 0.18.0.

I do not know if you want version that is officially unstable.... Maybe you can clarify it with gtk people...


Thanks for the info. That was a mistake on my part. The general rule has been to keep using stable releases. I updated the wiki.


@2bits I sent pull request for primesieve to update to 3.7.


Thanks. I struck it off the wiki.


Closing this issue; we seem to be working through the wiki page pretty well.

@adamv adamv closed this Jul 23, 2012

The wiki page is over 6 months old; it could use an update


Yep. But what @2bits did was heroic and we can't do this on a regular basis. Please check if your favorites need an update an tell us by opening an issue (one for each). Thanks!!


Can we delete the page?


Can we delete the page?

Agreed. The effort required to maintain a list like this could be better spent actually updating the formulae. A better approach may be to implement something like the Debian watch file which automatically scrapes download directories for newer versions.

If the list of projects which can't be watched automatically is small enough, then maintaining a wiki page for those may be realistic.


or add something like MacPorts's port livecheck command


would be cool.
watch file needs the file to be specified as a regex, but perhaps we don't even need this. We could rely on our Version class: Get all links from the page (with the same file extension) and see if any version is higher than the current.


EDIT: see #33433

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