clisp build failure: C_CODE_ALIGNMENT is wrong #14698

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Benabik commented Sep 4, 2012

clisp refuses to build. Full log is here, but it seems to provide advice on how to fix it... I don't have the time right now to try to fix the formula.

./ -B . -E UTF-8 -Epathname 1:1 -Emisc 1:1 -norc -m 2MW -lp  -x '(and (load "init.lisp") (sys::%saveinitmem) (ext::exit)) (ext::exit t)'
C_CODE_ALIGNMENT is wrong. &EVAL-WHEN = 0x10b63c7ef.
Add -falign-functions=4 to CFLAGS in the Makefile.

adamv commented Sep 4, 2012

Does brew install --use-llvm clisp work?


MindTooth commented Sep 4, 2012

Been talked about before #10370. Care to check if the flags works with the new env updates?


Benabik commented Sep 4, 2012

@adamv - No it still fails, apparently identically, with --use-llvm

@MindTooth - It looks like the remove_from_cflags patch was already merged, and I'm using the most recent formulae.


jacknagel commented Sep 4, 2012

Does it work with --env=std?


Benabik commented Sep 4, 2012

@jacknagel - It does!


jacknagel commented Sep 6, 2012

ping @mxcl superenv

mxcl was assigned Sep 13, 2012


mxcl commented Sep 13, 2012

I have confirmed that if you prevent superenv massaging the args passed to cc, the build works. Mysterious. It doesn't appear to remove anything essential (IMO). I will figure out the exact issue.


mxcl commented Oct 1, 2012

Yeah, works fine if we remove -Os from supercc. Fix coming.

mxcl closed this in f14b572 Oct 1, 2012

@snakeyroc3 snakeyroc3 pushed a commit to snakeyroc3/homebrew that referenced this issue Dec 17, 2012

@mxcl mxcl Clisp doesn't like -Os; Fixes #14698
superenv isn't flexible here yet, and I'd rather wait and see what else is needed before making it flexible in this way.

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