Wine install fails at libicns #14967

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I am trying to install wine using homebrew on OSX 10.8.

It seems to be getting stuck at compiling libicns, where it finds Undefined symbols for architecture in the linking step.

Log files

Brew-doctor cannot find anything wrong in the configuration.


Please brew update then brew rm libicns && brew install --universal libicns. We had a bug involving universal binaries not being built; this could clear it up.


I am having this issue as well, but brew install --universal libicns results in the exact same error.


It looks like the problem comes from a 64-bit only libpng. Do you have a Homebrewed libpng installed? Does reinstalling with brew install libpng --universal help?


Ah! Yeah that did the trick for me, thanks!


Ok.... That seemed to have fixed the problem with libicns.... but now I see that libfreetype does not have 32 bit libraries installed....


is there any ay I can install wine with the 64bit libraries

brew rm -f freetype
brew install --universal freetype

I had the same problems with installing wine on OSX 10.8. Running:

brew rm libpng && brew install --universal libpng
brew rm freetype && brew install --universal freetype

fixed it for me, too.


In a week or two this sort of issue will be overcome by a commit from Jack that allows dependencies to specify command line options, #14456


@subszero would you close this now if it works for you?



@ssbanerje ssbanerje closed this Sep 22, 2012

Just to confirm, this also worked for me:

brew rm libpng && brew install --universal libpng
brew rm freetype && brew install --universal freetype
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