opencv failed to build on 10.8.2 #15379

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using XCode Version 4.5.1 (4G1004) with latest Command Line Tools installed, as well as brew 0.9.3.

When installing OpenCV, it finds the incorrect python because my path is being ignored. When using --env=std it works fine.

I don't know if this is:

a.) a problem with /usr/local/share/python or something else about the brewed python;
b.) a problem with the opencv brew not using superbin? or something?

anyway, thanks for opencv & homebrew! it is the awesome.

@codedreality codedreality added a commit to codedreality/homebrew that referenced this issue Oct 9, 2012
@codedreality codedreality Adds userpaths to environment. closes #15379 59edf4b

Thanks I think I forgot to add that.


A committed bugfix in an hour, that's pretty freaking amazing. Thanks!

@mindlace mindlace closed this Oct 10, 2012

Beeep. False start :-) He committed that change to his own fork of Homebrew, but he didn't (afaik) make a PR yet for the main repo that mxcl runs. So you should leave this open if you can so we don't lose track of it and forget.

@adamv adamv reopened this Oct 10, 2012

@2bits i already pushed the PR. It is although referenced here. See #15381 . Ok i looked at the reference some comments above, it states it is from my fork, but it is from the PR


Ok cool. Normally we put the "Fixes #15379" in the commit message so that the PR links back here automatically. That what I was not seeing. @mindlace Issues like this that end up in commits usually get closed by the admins when the pull the commit. Thanks for bringing this up.


@2bits maybe Github changed something? I had it in the commit message and Github shows me the back link to the PR and vice versa


GH had some problems lately, nothing major, but some things never went through. I see it now though.


Good to hear that i am not alone with some GH strangness lately. Had some strange PR madness, while changing a commit at work project.

Thanks for the feedback :)


@adamv @jacknagel This is ready for review i believe


I just tested it and it worked. At least it does not error out.

I remember @mxcl added the missing path of brewed python.


Build it too, everything is fine, small test app with video capture works. I closed the PR already. Thanks for the fix :)


...and the issue needs to be closed manually again by the OP. Heh.

@adamv adamv closed this Oct 12, 2012
@adamv adamv reopened this Oct 12, 2012

So... is this closeable or what?


Yep @adamv it can be closed, no issue anymore.

@adamv adamv closed this Oct 12, 2012
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