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brew install gfortran - 404 requested url not found #15415

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xanview commented Oct 11, 2012

➜  ~  brew install gfortran
==> Downloading

curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404
Error: Download failed:

Think the URL needs to be updated?


mistydemeo commented Oct 11, 2012

AT&T's been having some downtime today, and the downloads are not back yet. They should hopefully return later.

xanview commented Oct 11, 2012

Any mirror?


Sharpie commented Oct 11, 2012

Yeah just saw this as well. Every download link is currently offline at the moment so we'll have to ride it out.

Afterwards, I'll grab copies and mirror it on our sourceforge page.

Boo! cant install rvm

Same problem here when running "brew install autoconf automake apple-gcc42"


adamv commented Oct 12, 2012

No more "me toos", thanks.

I sent an email to to report the problem

Is this problem resolved then? I still can't install it :(


samueljohn commented Oct 12, 2012

Obviously not yet.

If you need a work-a-round right now:
brew tap homebrew-dupes
brew install gcc --enable-fortran
Get a ☕️. Or two. Or three.
Set your FC to point to the newly build gfortran-4.7:
export FC=$(brew --prefix)/bin/gfortran-4.7

Now you should have a super sexy gfortran 4.7!

shouldn't it be
brew tap homebrew/dupes



samueljohn commented Oct 12, 2012

@interactionist right. My bad.

No probs mate.

==> Installing gcc

This step took 30 mins :-)

thanks for that @samueljohn !

I get a 404 on that one as well.


mistydemeo commented Oct 14, 2012

The gfortran downloads are back now! Hooray.

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