scsh fails on 10.8.2-x86_64, Xcode 4.5.1 #15617

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The scsh build fails on OS X 10.8.2-x86_64, with Xcode 4.5.1. The error (a segfault) is copied below along with brew --config details.

Note that scsh 0.7 is due out... soon, from a new home. See scsh at github. That should remove the dependency on a pre-existing installation of scheme48, and should make it a lot less hassle to build.

I'm filing this bug (a) in case the scsh recipe maintainer recognises the problem and knows immediately how to fix it, and (b) to log that scsh is still active as a project so that the silence since 2006 shouldn't be regarded as grounds for removing the recipe from homebrew. However I don't recommend spending lots of time on this before 0.7. I've tried myself to build HEAD scsh from scratch, and it's not easy.

./build/build-usual-image . "./scheme" 'scsh.image' './scshvm' \
./build/build-usual-image: line 34: 10018 Segmentation fault: 11  (core dumped) ./$vm -o ./$vm -i $initial batch  <<EOF
,load $srcdir/scheme/env/init-defpackage.scm
((*structure-ref filenames 'set-translation!)
 "=scheme48/" "$srcdir/scheme/")
,load =scheme48/more-interfaces.scm =scheme48/sort/interfaces.scm
,load =scheme48/link-packages.scm
,load =scheme48/more-packages.scm
(ensure-loaded command-processor)
(ensure-loaded usual-commands)
,go ((*structure-ref command 'command-processor)
     (structure-package usual-commands)
     (list "batch"))
(ensure-loaded usual-features)
,structure more-structures more-structures-interface
,in debuginfo (read-debug-info "$srcdir/build/initial.debug")
,keep maps source files
,translate =scheme48/ $lib/
,build ((*structure-ref package-commands-internal
        "(made by $USER on $date)"
        built-in-structures more-structures) $image

make: *** [scsh.image] Error 139

And brew --config details:

HEAD: e4d559170f75ab84d734da0d79ff57bc5fb25ea4
HOMEBREW_PREFIX: /Data/tools/homebrew
HOMEBREW_CELLAR: /Data/tools/homebrew/Cellar
CPU: 8-core 64-bit ivybridge
OS X: 10.8.2-x86_64
Xcode: 4.5.1
LLVM-GCC: build 2336
Clang: 4.0 build 421
X11: 2.7.4 => /opt/X11
System Ruby: 1.8.7-358
Perl: /usr/bin/perl
Python: /usr/bin/python
Ruby: /usr/bin/ruby => /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/bin/ruby

scsh recipe maintainer

There isn't really one.


Error 139 is your compiler dumping core as mentioned here:

./build/build-usual-image: line 34: 10018 Segmentation fault: 11  (core dumped) ./$vm -o ./$vm -i $initial batch  <<EOF

We can't tell you how to fix that sort of thing. But if you can find the commit that did on github, you could pull the patch into the formula I suppose.


@roderyc Can we ask you when scsh-0.7 will be available as a github tarball and tag? We would like to support this in Homebrew if it's ready to replace the scsh-0.6.7 we are having issues with.


So, besides the readiness of scsh 0.7 itself, there is a hard dependency on scheme48. In fact, previous versions did not have that dependency, so I'm confused by this issue's original text. They included a fork of scheme48 directly in the source.

Furthermore, in order to get 0.7 easily buildable / deployable there needs to be a new release of scheme48 (1.9 I think it'll be). Right now, as the Readme says, you need to install a development version of scheme48 to get things working. It won't build with the current scheme48 release, 1.8. I've spoken to the current scheme48 maintainer, and he says it's coming :).

As far as the scsh code itself, it's coming soon as well. There are a handful of issues, some of which I have fixes in mind for. Others are just investigation / polish. I just need to find some time. It is one of my personal priorities to get a release out though.

nxg commented Nov 1, 2012

It was me who opened the issue. Sorry: I explained that badly. Previous releases of scsh did indeed include the scheme48 fork in the source; the dependency is that the current development version of scsh needs a current development version of scheme48, separately installed. Looking at it now, I don't think that sentence adds much to the original problem report.

The motivation for the problem report was, as suggested, just to provide a placeholder for the problem, and to act as googlebait.

The fix is, as @roderyc suggests, to wait for scsh-0.7.

A temporary fix might be to adjust the recipe to use an older version of scsh, but I recall (I can't check just now) that there was a problem building 0.6.7 on 10.8.


Marking as an upstream issue, but closing because there's not a lot Homebrew can do here. We pretty much match the MacPorts port on this (though they probably have the same issue on Mountain Lion.)

@nxg please work with the upstream project on 10.8 issues.

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scsh: add HEAD #19071

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