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gst-python failed to build on 10.7.5 #18203

timpulver opened this Issue Mar 3, 2013 · 9 comments


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I am not able to brew gst-python. I tried reallly long to fix it, hope you can help me.
In this gist you can find the output of brew, the log file, output of brew doctor, my $PATH-variable and my python path.


adamv commented Mar 3, 2013

checking for GST... configure: error: Package requirements (gstreamer-0.10 >= 0.10.20) were not met:

No package 'gstreamer-0.10' found

We currently package streamer 1.0.5; looks like gst-python isn't updated for the new version yet, or we haven't pulled a new version of it is there is one.


jacknagel commented Mar 10, 2013

gst-python hasn't been updated since October 2011, so I dunno how much we can do here.


adamv commented Mar 10, 2013

Marking for removal.

Any ideas what to try?


jacknagel commented Mar 11, 2013

There is recent activity in the git repo:

So one could either try building from there, or asking upstream if there are plans to support gstreamer 1.x in gst-python. Otherwise the gstreamer 0.10.x packages could be added to homebrew-versions

Hey guys. I'm trying to install mopidy on osx and it requires gst-python. Is there any way I can help setting up gstreamer 0.10.x on homebrew-versions?


jacknagel commented Mar 16, 2013

Sure, if you check out the last revision of those formula from the git history, copy them into a clone of homebrew-versions and rename them appropriately (probably with an "010" suffix), I'd be happy to merge it there.

I've installed gstreamer locally using this formula before 1.0.5, which installs 0.10.36.

I'm testing gst-python just to be sure everything is fine, but I'm hitting the following issue with pkg-config, which I have installed using homebrew.

Is this a different issue? Thoughts?


jacknagel commented Mar 23, 2013

All gst 0.10 packages have been imported into homebrew-versions, and I was able to build them all successfully, including gst-python. Feel free to open an issue there if you have further issues.

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