brew install gdal fails on 10.8.2 (needed by postgis) #18262

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zelig commented Mar 5, 2013

at configure state it dies with

configure: error: We require at least GeoTIFF 1.2.1. Consider uing the one supplied with GDAL

but i got libgeotiff 1.4 installed via brew.
i tried also with option --with-geotiff=internal, but same error.


The output from HOMEBREW_MAKE_JOBS=1 VERBOSE=1 brew install gdal
The output from brew doctor;

mistydemeo commented Mar 5, 2013

Can you post the gdal logs mentioned in the troubleshooting page?


mistydemeo commented Mar 5, 2013

(Specifically, the config.log)

zelig commented Mar 5, 2013

it fails at configure, so logs are in ~/Library/Logs/Homebrew/gdal/01.configure, no? see gist

zelig commented Mar 8, 2013

@mistydemeo , please let me know any other output you need. this seems a real blocker, I cannot even find a workaround (apart from installing packages from source manually :)


Sharpie commented Mar 8, 2013

We still need the config.log file that mistry requested. I.E. you have provided the messages configure prints to the screen, we need the stuff that is going on behind the scenes as this is not re-producible on a clean 10.8.2 box.


Error: gdal did not build
Logs:       /Users/tron/Library/Logs/Homebrew/gdal/config.log

We need that one ^^^

zelig commented Mar 18, 2013

I added it to the gist. apologies for delay. thanks for help

zelig commented Jun 3, 2013

not sure if this was ever resolved or even investigated but
the problem disappeared in later versions (tested on 1.10)
so I'm taking the liberty and close the issue

zelig closed this Jun 3, 2013

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