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cmus no longer recognising ffmpeg plugin on 10.9.2 #28752

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iceequal commented Apr 27, 2014

Several months ago cmusgained ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) support when you did brew install cmus --with-fffmpeg, and I remember playing actual ALAC tracks with cmus not very long ago.

It's noted that adding ffmpeg as a dependency allowed cmus to decode ALAC files on the fly here: shelhamer@0310b1e. A later PR referenced that issue and added ffmpeg as an optional dependency here: cmus/cmus#58 (comment)

On a new computer I'm using, though, trying to add ALAC files to the library no longer works, and if you press Return to play them you get the same old error as in the linked issue above (which is "Couldn't get file information for /some/alac/musicfile.m4a").

Interestingly, cmus appears to no longer be listing or recognising ffmpeg as a plugin in the output of cmus --plugins. It used to, according to @lyridious (who commented on the issue linked to before):

If everything went ok, you should see something like this inside the output

>Priority: 30
>File Types: ac3 aif aifc aiff ape au mka...
>MIME Types:

On my machine, cmus --plugins seems to list everything but ffmpeg:

screen shot 2014-04-27 at 3 31 26 pm

I tried installing the HEAD version of cmus also, but it didn't make any difference.

Let me know if anyone would like more info. Thanks a lot.


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lyridious commented Apr 27, 2014

ffmpeg formula defaults to v2.x since October 2013; you need to build against v1.x.


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iceequal commented Apr 27, 2014

@lyridious Thanks - funny though because I thought I remembered building it only a week or so ago, with cmus happily using the ffmpeg plugin. P.S. How might you do that?

I wonder if cmus' --with-ffmpeg option should be somehow demanding the 1.x version. Maybe it could display a caveat that shows a couple of lines to remove ffmpeg v2.x, then reinstall cmus with ffmpeg 1.x, since the --with-ffmpeg option as it stands is broken.


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adamv commented May 6, 2014

I might suggest requesting ffmpeg 2.x support upstream.

@adamv adamv added the upstream issue label May 6, 2014


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jacknagel commented May 7, 2014


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iceequal commented May 10, 2014

Hi again. If I manually build the bleeding edge version of cmus myself, in my home directory, i.e. without brew install, it builds successfully against ffmpeg: stable 2.2.2 (bottled)

cmus --plugins suddenly gets:

Priority: 30
File Types: ac3 aif aifc aiff ape au mka shn tta wma aac fla flac m4a m4b mp+ mp2 mp3 mp4 > mpc mpp ogg wav wv

So I tried to essentially replicate those steps in homebrew, by doing brew install ffmpeg then brew install cmus --HEAD but oddly that produces said incompatibility between ffmpeg 2.x and cmus. I.e. we are back to cmus --plugins not listing ffmpeg as an input plugin. EDIT: I now realise doing brew install ffmpeg then brew install cmus --HEAD installs cmus without the --with-ffmpeg flag, so no wonder it doesn't work!

Steps to build bleeding edge cmus manually and thus successfully with ffmpeg 2.x support:

brew install pkg-config libao mad libogg libvorbis faad2 flac mp4v2 lib cue ffmpeg

then as per instructions at

git clone -b pu
cd cmus
./configure prefix=$HOME/cmus
make install

Here are my ./configure and make install steps when I built cmus myself and it accepted ffmpeg 2.x as a plugin:

So there is an issue in cmus 2.5.0 (stable) that's already quashed in the cmus team's upstream, git version. But I would have thought brew install ffmpeg then brew install cmus --HEAD would work. Does that still count as a homebrew issue? My apologies if it doesn't.

Update: For now does anyone know if there's a way to specify building the --HEAD version of a package without replacing a stable, already installed optional dependency? Because if i do brew install cmus --HEAD --with-ffmpeg it will insist on using the --HEAD version of ffmpeg as well, and an incompatibility rears its head again (lol) - no ffmpeg support.


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adamv commented May 21, 2014

Just pushed a commit that updates to cmus 2.5.1, and adds 2.6.0-rc0 as a --devel option. Can you test with these versions and see if they work for you?

@adamv adamv self-assigned this May 21, 2014


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adamv commented May 22, 2014

(Presuming fixed)

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