Ghostscript 9.02 fails to build on 10.7 #6381

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Im assuming 10.7 has an updated version of libpng and Ghostscript 9.02 build fails on libpng 1.5.

Here is a patch to fix the issue with gdevpng.c and allows the build to finish:

kule commented Jul 11, 2011

Thanks for this.

brew edit ghostscript

Then add:

class Ghostscript < Formula
    def patches
        { :p0 => '' }

Incase anyone else has the same issue.

adamv commented Jul 21, 2011

Is this safe to apply against libpng 1.2 as well, or do we need to if the application of this patch?


Made a patch that compiles against 1.2 and 1.5
Also it makes ghostscript use system freetype and expat and lcms, jasper and libtiff from homebrew
Pull from
git:// fix_ghostscript_png

Not sure about 10.6 freetype so ghostscript uses bundled version instead of system on 10.6

ipranay commented Jul 25, 2011

That worked like a charm!!... Thanks guys!


Awesome! This seemed to solve my issues I had installing ghostscript on Lion. Thx

conatus commented Aug 1, 2011

This also fixed my problem doing a make install on Lion. Thanks a great deal!

erwin16 commented Aug 2, 2011

Thanks again for being quick on patches .... running faster than a lion !


When is this patch going to be included?


@borrible13th, who knows :)
Made a pull request #6516 July 21


Before pull request is accepted, you can

$ cd `brew --repository`
$ git pull git:// fix_ghostscript_png

@CharlieRoot: Thank you, that works for me! :-) Commented it also at your pull request #6516.

Artspot commented Aug 4, 2011

Thanks guys!

adamv commented Aug 4, 2011

Fixed in #6516

@adamv adamv closed this Aug 4, 2011
rackom commented Oct 22, 2011

should i run then brew install gs?
commented on #6381

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