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New: GeoCouch 1.2 formula based on CouchDB 1.2 formula. #11659

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Commits on Jun 10, 2012
  1. Create a GeoCouch based on CouchDB 1.2.

    wonk committed Apr 15, 2012
    Couchbase GeoCouch augments CouchDB 1.2 to create GeoCouch 1.2.
    This GeoCouch formula depends directly on the CouchDB formula and its Cellar.
    For convenience, this formula provides launchctl support file (geocouch.plist).
    For simplicity's sake, RunAtLoad and KeepAlive are set to 'false'.
    For always-on server operation, set them to 'true'.
    Support for 'git checkout develop' for installation of latest branch.
    All tests work (except rev_stemming which seems flakey, and can eventually work with retries).
    -=-  Latest Revision:
    Reworked to avoid/minimize uninstall surprises.
    Many small improvements, and several "big" ones,
    including the move of geocouch build files from couchdb Cellar into geocouch Cellar.
    This change reduces the mixing of geocouch into couchdb, helps meet homebrew standards,
    and eases uninstallation.
    The caveat documentation reflects this change in an update to the ERL_FLAGS instructions.
    The geocouch.ini file still hooks into couchdb initialization directory by necessity.
    The uninstall caveat documentation now specifies how to remove the geocouch.ini file for uninstall.
    The tests still hook into the couchdb test directory by necessity.
    The uninstall caveat documentation now recommends uninstalling both geocouch and couchdb
    (to remove any dangling geocouch tests from couchdb's couch_tests.js file)
    and then reinstall couchdb fresh.
    A variety of cleanups were applied along the way.
    In sum, as mentioned before, since geocouch is a superset of couchdb,
    uninstalling geocouch should be rare and unnecessary.  But in the interests of least surprise,
    these changes minimize uninstall complications in the rare case someone chooses
    to keep couchdb while uninstalling geocouch.
    Perhaps some changes to couchdb will make a modular approach possible in the future,
    but for now I believe this approach is practical and avoids unpleasant surprises.
    Simplified head command.
    Cleanup, and organize geocouch tests into subfolder of couchdb tests.