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issue-13299 - better / more useful info output #13300

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@@ -50,13 +50,15 @@ def info_formula f
exec 'open', github_info(f) if ARGV.flag? '--github'
specs = []
stable = "stable #{f.stable.version}" if f.stable
stable = f.stable.version if f.stable
stable += " (bottled)" if f.bottle and bottles_supported?
specs << stable if stable
specs << "devel #{f.devel.version}" if f.devel
specs << f.devel.version if f.devel
specs << "HEAD" if f.head
puts "#{}: #{specs*', '}"
puts "#{} #{f.version}"
puts "Formula name: #{}"
puts "Stable version: #{stable}"
puts "Development version: #{specs*', '}"
puts f.homepage
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