postgresql: adding --universal support #14111

wants to merge 1,022 commits into from

Here is the squashed commits from #14036 to consider for merging.

It adds universal support to postgresql and ossp-uuid.


Some conversation took place on the pgsql-hackers mailing list but, aside from their fascination with ed scripts, the only suggestion was to configure and build it twice and merge the resulting binaries together which isn't really how universal builds work or to follow instructions from 2008 which essentially say to hack the config files.

If you want to merge this, it works fine for me, but if you just want to leave this patch for anyone looking for universal support thats fine too. I take comfort that this is how MacPorts works. I'm not sure if Fink provides universal binaries as I don't see evidence of it in their postgresql91 info script.

MikeMcQuaid and others added some commits Sep 2, 2012
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid graphviz: make test non-interactive. f090ea3
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid jpeg-turbo: make test non-interactive. f96122f
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid libraw: make test non-interactive. ccce24a
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid lilypond: make test non-interactive. 5ea0c78
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid pango: make test non-interactive. 49fb2d9
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid rrdtool: make test non-interactive. d299237
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid zing: make test non-interactive. 05db03f
@mxcl mxcl bsdmake is *not* provided by Xcode/CLT
Fixes #14626.

Also make proctools install do prefixes other than /usr/local.
@adamv adamv uwsgi 1.2.5 b906730
@zeisss zeisss Change sdk detection to same syntax used elsewhere.
This wasn't working for me on leopard with ruby 1.9.2.

Closes #14636.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@mariovisic mariovisic VIPS 7.30.1
Closes #14634.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@adamv adamv libnfc: use new dsl 31857e3
@adamv adamv libnids: use new dsl 038cce7
@adamv adamv libxml2: use new dsl e304121
@adamv adamv ocp: use new dsl 6691ae6
@adamv adamv lighttpd: use new dsl 9c2b9e7
@adamv adamv luarocks: use new dsl ebd4a3d
@adamv adamv httperf: use new dsl 89e1116
Dan Burkert MySQL: add debug option
Closes #14648.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@adamv adamv mysql: normalize option name 3b56f2e
@adamv adamv wget: add debug option
Closes #12432.
@jacknagel jacknagel Process requirements before keg-only deps under stdenv
Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@thp thp qt-mobility: Build from Git to avoid build error (Issue #9672)

    invalid conversion from ‘void (* const)(QObject*, QMetaObject::Call,
    int, void**)’ to ‘int (*)(QMetaObject::Call, int, void**)’

Also fixes (via a patch) a build error on case sensitive filesystems.

This uses a fixed revision in Git, because the latest stable release
(1.2.0) fails to compile on Lion.

Closes #12220.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@deasmi deasmi Emacs: use wrapper script in --cocoa mode
Closes #12745.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@siong1987 siong1987 macvim snapshot 65
Closes #14631.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@afb afb zeroinstall-injector 1.11
Closes #12442.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@jacknagel jacknagel leveldb: fix library install
Closes #14440.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@2bits 2bits graphicsmagick: disable OpenMP, adjust fails_with
graphicsmagick needs `--disable-openmp` if clang. Add that.
Fixes a link error when it adds an unsupported `-lgomp`.
Update the `fails_with :llvm` because it builds with 2336.11.

Fixes #14638

Closes #14652.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@dustin dustin Graphviz depends on gd
Closes #14646.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
teenst yamcha 0.33
YamCha is a generic, customizable, and open source text chunker
oriented toward a lot of NLP tasks, such as POS tagging,
Named Entity Recognition, base NP chunking, and Text Chunking.

Closes #13815.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@mxcl mxcl Remove -fopenmp *and* -lgomp
Apparently LLVM can use these, so only remove if clang.

Refs #14569.
@mxcl mxcl Fixes #14591; clamav installs libs weirdly d9312c7
@rayray rayray flac2mp3 script has moved to a proper repo
Closes #14555.

Signed-off-by: Max Howell <>
@mxcl mxcl Fixes #14344; hugs fails with clang 767bcea
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid brew-test-bot: Only run brew-test if test defined. 2e5a38c
@urdh urdh +argp-standalone-1.3
This is an extraction of the Argp header and library from Glibc. It may be used as a dependency for formulae that depend on the argp functionality of Glibc.

Closes #13138.

Signed-off-by: Max Howell <>
@urdh urdh +log4c-1.2.1
A logging library for C based on log4j.

Closes #13105.

Signed-off-by: Max Howell <>
@urdh urdh +iniparser-3.1
An ANSI C library that parses ini files.

Closes #13104.

Signed-off-by: Max Howell <>

Use make CC=cc form rather than editing Makefiles.
@urdh urdh +csync-0.44.0
Formula for csync as requested in Homebrew/legacy-homebrew#12786. Note that the own-cloud module is only provided by the HEAD build. Dependencies that also need to be pulled are: * iniparser-3.1 (Homebrew/legacy-homebrew#13104) * log4c-1.2.1 (Homebrew/legacy-homebrew#13105) * argp-standalone-1.3 (Homebrew/legacy-homebrew#13138)

Closes #13139.

Signed-off-by: Max Howell <>
@mxcl mxcl csync 0.49.9 can lose patches
Use options DSL. Audited.
@mxcl mxcl Fix libstfl installs only to /usr/local
Refs #13127.
Ealden Esto E. Escanan PostgreSQL 9.1.5
Closes #14662.

Signed-off-by: Ealden Esto E. Escanan <>
Closes #14662.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid brew-audit: recommend SHA1 over MD5. 800e7cf
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid Add script to convert formulae from MD5 to SHA1. 6aab036
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid brew-fetch: Return error code on unmatched hash. 8f6081b

Does whether or not it is a relative symlink make a functional difference?

MikeMcQuaid and others added some commits Sep 3, 2012
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid Batch convert MD5 formula to SHA1.
Closes #14653.
@2bits 2bits avidemux: add dep on :fontconfig
Avidemux-2.5 uses fontconfig, but some users may not have XQuartz.
Add a `depends_on :fontconfig`.

Fixes #14644

Closes #14665.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
Justin Clift dnsmasq 2.63
Closes #14667.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@adamv adamv Parrot: fix --devel checksum b8714a6
@adamv adamv csync: fix audit warning 5354c3d
@mxcl mxcl Prevent possible bug in build's optlink 19971f7
@mxcl mxcl Undent doesn't like paragraphing 124d930
@mxcl mxcl Add NCLT SDK apache include directory to superenv
Fixes subversion compile issues for NCLT configurations with superenv, stdenv still broken (tough).
@mxcl mxcl Set CC and CXX with superenv (again)
It was dumb to have make call different compilers to configure depending on the `servile?` flag. This is not a route to reliability.

Instead now we set CC (formula that break if CC is set like Jack be damned, their build-systems are just plain broken and should not be supported). When cc is called we examine HOMEBREW_CC, otherwise we instantiate the tool that was called, just like the formula's build-system will expect.

Fixes #14659 (though the build fails later for me, with the same error for stdenv and superenv).
@mxcl mxcl Fix linking against X11 cairo in preference to ours
Amateur mistake where I forgot that the system library path is read AFTER the -L library path, so /usr/local/lib was after /opt/X11/lib and the wrong cairo was used.

This only affects CLT /usr/local installs with XQuartz installed.

Fixes #14639.
@mxcl mxcl Put X11 last in the libpath and cpath
It was after HOMEBREW_PREFIX but not after everything else too.
@mxcl mxcl superenv: More thorough scrubbing of -I & -L args
It's important that -I is scrubbed thoroughly as we add most of our important paths with -isystem and -I is handled *first*.

NOTE this indicates we should probably have used -I rather than -isystem, but too late to test all that now.

Also scrub -L for bad-paths thoroughly (evaluate realpath).
Homebrew member

brew udpate reported thousands of formula as updated because of this.

This change was not worth the user confusion that will elapse. Who cares what checksum things use?

Homebrew member

Us if we an upstream gets hacked and so do our users. It's a one-time thing. MD5 is broken.

Homebrew member

I could quickly put together something to make brew update ignore flagged commits and flag this one?

Homebrew member

Mike Mcquaid of the TSA: “I need to check inside your vagina madam.”

Homebrew member

You can't just ignore commits, it calculates the file-layout-diff. It's too late. It's okay, I guess.

Homebrew member

Relevant discussion in #12587. Won't happen again, obviously. You can see me naked if that balances it out.

Homebrew member

OK, I agree, it makes sense to do it. I just would have preferred not to make it look like every formula under the sun needs upgrading. Users consider Homebrew a tool, and tools should not behave unexpectedly. You did the right thing, it's just we should consider consequences of such things.

Homebrew member

Indeed, sorry about that.

It seems like the batch update may not have taken into account files that contain more than one formula, like the R formula. The RBashCompletion formula class had its checksum replaced with the same one as for the main R tarball, which of course fails validation.

Homebrew member

Yep, I fixed this.

Homebrew member

Why commit this? It would be better as a gist in your own account.

Homebrew member

@adamv pointed out it's a great dead link detector too.

adamv and others added some commits Sep 3, 2012
@adamv adamv unafold: update urls 2de9957
@adamv adamv mtr: use new dsl 37c63e0
@adamv adamv lrzip 0.614 9d149e6
@adamv adamv liblas: use new dsl 39bc9ff
@adamv adamv libgcrypt: fix audit warning 14aa341
@adamv adamv libogg: use new dsl b9d33ff
@adamv adamv lbdb: fix audit warning 7bf640b
@adamv adamv go: use new dsl 95d2904
@adamv adamv emacs: fix audit warnings 55e5671
@adamv adamv bro 2.1 b34cb9b
@jacknagel jacknagel Don't error out with Xcode 4.5
c.f. #14603.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@mxcl mxcl Actually cache Xcode.version if nil 699e5ec
@adamv adamv elinks: use sha1 for devel c8ca95e
@adamv adamv fltk: use sha1 for devel e035e94
@adamv adamv gnu-smalltalk: use new dsl d54a994
@adamv adamv goaccess: use new dsl 8234c3e
@adamv adamv sedna 3.5.161 2c21089
@adamv adamv scantailor: use sha1 for --devel 1503ae7
@adamv adamv msmtp: use new dsl 42b01af
@adamv adamv le 1.14.6
(There is a 1.14.7, but it did not compile cleanly.)
@adamv adamv ledger: use new dsl f00e344
@adamv adamv libdvdcss: use new dsl 32eeed5
@adamv adamv libemu: use new dsl 1a53d0f
@adamv adamv libimobiledevice: use new dsl 6afe862
@adamv adamv jenkins: use new dsl a2c006b
@adamv adamv jbigkit: use new dsl 3a15bd5
@adamv adamv s3cmd: use sha1 for --devel 43f6d76
@adamv adamv Redact rats. f0482e0
@adamv adamv flac: udate flac2mp3 checksum
Closes #14676.
@mroderick mroderick autopano-sift-c 2.5.1
Closes #13171.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@adamv adamv libpano: remove unused configure switch 928ff1e
@jacknagel jacknagel Remove outdated comments in old wine deps
Wine no longer uses these, so the comments are outdated. Continue to
build universal by default, though, to support legacy installs.
Eventually they can grow universal options or just build native-only
after a sufficient period of time.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@rogelio2k rogelio2k Update Library/Formula/proj.rb
Update SHA1 for the file (it was checking for the same SHA1 of the proj-4.8.0.tar.gz file)

Closes #14677.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@nsfmc nsfmc ccextractor 0.62
Closes #14020.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@seebi seebi mutt: use new sidebar patch

Closes #14678.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@jacknagel jacknagel Fix typo in MacOS.sdk_path
/cc @adamv

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@adamv adamv ice: use new dsl 93fad0d
@romainneutron romainneutron gearman 0.37
Closes #14679.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
MikeMcQuaid and others added some commits Sep 2, 2012
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid ftgl: fix SHA1 and X11 dependency. c6474be
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid gd: fix SHA1, test and X11 dependency. 4c4cc78
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid giblib: fix SHA1, test and X11 dependency. 05ad1ce
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid imagemagick: fix options, test and pango/openmp errors. 1883cbf
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid imlib2: fix SHA1, test and X11 dependency. cc54226
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid leptonica: fix SHA1, test and X11 dependency. 3dc94b1
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid libagg: fix SHA1 and X11 dependency. 6bed15d
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid libass: fix X11 dependency. 0dea901
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid fontforge: fix caveats and X11 dependency. a653b74
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid libcaca: fix SHA1, option, test and X dependency. 261a280
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid libdc1394: fix X11 dependency. 9787d04
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid libgaiagraphics: fix SHA1 and X11 dependency. 0f6bbba
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid libmikmod: fix test and X11 dependency. 7dcc52b
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid librasterlite: fix X11 dependency. 152c2b7
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid libspatialite: fix SHA1 and option. 44bd514
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid logstalgia: fix SHA1, build.*? and X11 dependency. 1ea29b8
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid mapnik: X11 dependency. 42c7518
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid mapserver: fix test and X11 dependency. 7354edf
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid mathgl: fix SHA1, test and X11 dependency. 86beec0
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid mikmod: fix test. 6b51eda
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid mjpegtools: fix SHA1 and X11 dependency. 400de0c
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid mplayer: fix test and dependency. c513d92
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid nagios: fix SHA1, directory and X11 dependency. 80ad803
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid ngspice: fix test and X11 dependency. 0a66823
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid objective-caml: fix X11 dependency. e2140fd
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid pangomm: fix X11 dependency. 7268ab3
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid pcb: fix gtk+ dependency. 3a016ad
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid podofo: fix SHA1 and X11 dependency. 9a6ab3a
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid sdl: fix SHA1, test and X11 dependency. 3498f2b
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid sdl_image: fix X11 dependency. 8d6a4e3
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid sdl_rtf: fix SHA1 and X11 dependency. d06c01f
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid sdl_ttf: fix X11 dependency. 2cba363
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid swftools: fix test and X11 dependency. 49572b7
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid swi-prolog: fix test, Java and X11 dependencies. cb00084
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid tiff2png: fix SHA1, test and X11 dependency. 746615c
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid toilet: fix test and pkg-config dependency. 3675cfd
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid webp: fix test and X11 dependency. 7d70e45
@MikeMcQuaid MikeMcQuaid zint: fix X11 dependency. 9a3b931
@gergoerdosi gergoerdosi Percona Server 5.5.27-28.1
Closes #14726.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@2bits 2bits libmtp 1.1.4
- Upgrade libmtp to version 1.1.4
- Add an optional dep on libgcrypt so it can build a special mode.

Closes #14717.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@2bits 2bits libpurple 2.10.6
- Upgrade to 2.10.6
- Works on ML with superenv

Closes #14720.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@2bits 2bits librsvg 2.36.3
- Upgrade librsvg to 2.36.3
- Links against correct HB cairo using superenv on ML, XCode-4.4.1

Closes #14723.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@2bits 2bits libpst 0.6.55
- Upgrade to 0.6.55
- Add an option to build the python bindings
- Add a configure flag to help it find `libboost_python-mt`
- Add a `--disable-dependency-tracking`
- Add a env var to fix the LINKFORSHARED built into HB Python.
- Add an option to build `pst2dii` using `gd`

Closes #14721.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@2bits 2bits libming 0.4.4
- Upgrade libming to version 0.4.4.
- Add options for python, perl, and php, completing the TODO.
- Add an optional dep on giflib
- Add `--disable-silent-rules` so we can see what's linking.
- Add a patch to tell the build we are using giflib, not ungif.
- Add a `depends_on :freetype` for non XQuartz.

Closes #14718.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@2bits 2bits liblunar 2.2.5
Upgrade liblunar to version 2.2.5.
Add an optional dep on vala.
Add an option to build the python bindings using pygobject + gtk.
Add a build time dep on glib, otherwise it won't configure.
Add a build time dep on pkgconfig.

Closes #14719.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@2bits 2bits libnfc 1.6.0-rc1
Upgrade to 1.6.0-rc1. It has been their featured release since
March of this year.

Closes #14722.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@mistydemeo mistydemeo media-info 0.7.60 8d91839
@Sharpie Sharpie libspatialite: Remove ENV.Os as it is default
No need to force optimization level to `-Os` as this is the default that
Homebrew starts from.
@Sharpie Sharpie libspatialite: Add --devel build
Now tracking the 4.0 release candidates.
@Sharpie Sharpie spatialite-tools: Add --devel build
Now tracking the 4.0 release candidates.
@jacknagel jacknagel gconf 3.2.5
Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@jacknagel jacknagel dbus 1.6.4
Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@jacknagel jacknagel dbus-glib 0.100
Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@jacknagel jacknagel Use HTTP for gnome URLs
c.f. #10377.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@2bits 2bits libevent 2.0.20
- Upgrade to 2.0.20
- Add `--disable-dependency-tracking`
- Add `--disable-debug-mode`
- It passes `make check`

Closes #14737.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@2bits 2bits clucene 0.9.21b
- Upgrade to version 0.9.21b

Closes #14738.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@2bits 2bits cpputest 3.1
- Upgrade cpputest to version 3.1
- Add a fails with clang because it uses -lgcov

Closes #14739.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@2bits 2bits lilypond: fix the fails_with build
- Adjust the `build` to be `421` not `:all`

Closes #14743.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@jacknagel jacknagel mcabber: use new DSL
Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@simono simono xmlstarlet 1.4.0
Closes #14747.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@jacknagel jacknagel Improve `brew --config` responsiveness
Rather than build the whole output in a string, print each item as we
go. This gives the illusion of improved responsiveness by delaying the
expensive method calls until after the faster output.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@jacknagel jacknagel ENV: put X11 aclocal dir in ACLOCAL_PATH when appropriate
Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@richo richo vimpc 0.06.1
Closes #14753.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@adamv adamv geda-gaf: use sha1 0a47c91
@adamv adamv chkrootkit: use debian mirror and sha1 be44fc9
@adamv adamv hdf5: use new dsl 7b620f0
@adamv adamv pypy: use sha1 a810c94
@adamv adamv mobile-shell: use new dsl e0d6783
@adamv adamv octave: use new dsl 52bc237
@dstndstn dstndstn Update 2.0.8
Closes #14748.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@adamv adamv audit: swig is a build time dep 81210f6
@adamv adamv hyperestraier: use new dsl 01f9289
@bdd bdd spiped 1.2.1
A minor fix release to solve portability issues with ``uint8_t''
decleration.  Still no resolution for Mac OS X not ignoring ``librt''
(now obsolete) linkage request.  We remove it from LDADD with a patch.

Now installs README files for both executables to documentation

Closes #14728.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@victortrac victortrac aws-cfn-tools: additional instructions
Closes #14114.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@adamv adamv Remove fink/macports from verbose --config if they are not present. c89beaf
@adamv adamv Redact chmox.
The formula is head-only, hasn't had a stable release since 2005, uses
CVS (so it prompts for a password when downloading), and builds with a now
out-of-date xcode project version.

The good news is that there's a binary download on its homepage.

Closes #14248.
@jodal jodal Fix SHA1 of distribute in pypy formula
The SHA1 added in commit 3c5ca25 in the batch conversion from MD5 to SHA1
(see #14653) did not match the tarball's SHA1 checksum.

Closes #14762.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@jacknagel jacknagel doctor: ignore case when checking PATH for config scripts
Fixes #14752.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@jacknagel jacknagel Don't raise when expanding ORIGINAL_PATHS
File.expand_path raises ArgumentError when it is passed a path with a
nonexistent username, e.g.:

  $ PATH=~foo/bin:$PATH brew
  /usr/local/Library/Homebrew/global.rb:97:in `expand_path': user foo
  doesn't exist (ArgumentError)

However, `brew doctor` does its own expansion of PATH entries and
outputs warnings if this happens, so let's just ignore it here and
continue on our way.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@mistydemeo mistydemeo exiftool 9.02 b7a3437
@adamv adamv flac2mp3: fix hash
Closes #14768.
@bsiegel bsiegel tmux: fetch HEAD from git instead of svn
Closes #14772.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@richo richo nsd 3.2.13
Closes #13894.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>

Passing on this for now; but would review new patches rebased on master, one formula per pull request.

@adamv adamv closed this Sep 6, 2012
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 postgresql: adding --universal support.
(Using the same post-configure patches that MacPorts uses).

the only suggestion was to configure and build it twice and merge the resulting binaries together which isn't really how universal builds work

Actually, that is exactly how universal builds work. When you pass multiple -arch flags to an Apple compiler what happens behind the scenes is that it compiles the binary twice and splices the result together with lipo.

An example of doing this by hand can be found in the ZeroMQ formula:


If that is a better way of doing it (and I think it might be), I can update the pull request to match that behavior?

What do you think?

@adamv adamv reopened this Sep 6, 2012

Use build.universal?. See brew audit postgresql.


Closing in favor of #14775.

@adamv adamv closed this Sep 7, 2012

Nice going. Thanks, richo!


I get "fatal: lockfile-progs is a prerequisite for logcheck, and was not found." when I try to run logcheck. The bash script is erroring out because it can't find /usr/bin/lockfile-create, /usr/bin/lockfile-remove, or /usr/bin/lockfile-touch. I don't see where to find these utilities in Homebrew, though... are they available?


Setting universal_binary by default breaks this package on 10.8 running on a 64bit MBP. Removing this line in the Formula fixed the linker error for the i386 architecture.

They were universal-by-default prior to this commit; I only removed comments here.

It is likely that you have a dependency somewhere that is non-universal that is causing this.

Thanks for the update. I'm new to OS X development (coming from Linux primarily) and I'm not sure of the requirements for a universal binary. I guess I have to install all the 32 bit headers for all core libs? I'll check the deps for any info on CPU architecture.


Also use case for


Wrong path to logs, oder of subdirectories inverted. Should be: ~/Library/Logs/Homebrew/cc.log

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