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json-c has a new version.

@zeckalpha zeckalpha json-c: version 0.10
json-c has a new version.

Just a version bump, no API changes? Still works with konoha, pianobar and postgis?


According to @hawicz nothing significant changed.

See: #14858 (comment)

I should note that I was having pianobar build issues pre-patch. I hoped that this would fix the pianobar issue but it does not seem to.

I'm testing konoha and postgis now.


konoha failed with both 0.9 and 0.10
postgis failed with 0.10.

I'll look into why pianobar and konoha fail with 0.9.


Updated Pianobar; it and the previous version worked with 0.9.0 on my Snow Leopard/3.2.6 box


The updated pianobar works with 0.9 for me. Konoha still fails. I'll look into it and file a bug report today.


Konoha issue: #14950


Looks like it was pulled in 67d6f99

@adamv adamv closed this Oct 6, 2012

konoha, pianobar, postgis all fail with json-c 0.10. These should have been resolved before the merge.


I have verified that painobar and postgis do work with json-c 0.10. If konoha failed with 0.9, then there isn't much change in the status quo by an update to 0.10.


I didn't make an issue for pianobar and postgis since they worked with 0.9, but since I can only get pianobar and postgis to work with 0.9, should I make issues for them now? Did you need any flags set to get them to install?

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