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jjeising commented Oct 2, 2012

While gtk+ and gtk+3 are splitted there should be an additional formula for gtkmm3.


MikeMcQuaid commented Oct 2, 2012

Is there much that depends on gtk but not gtkmm?


adamv commented Oct 2, 2012

Please squash to a single commit for review.


adamv commented Oct 2, 2012

Lots of stuff uses gtk but not gtkmm.


jjeising commented Oct 2, 2012

@adamv Done.
@MikeMcQuaid A quick search suggests that almost all formulas depend on gtk+ but not gtkmm.

+class Gtkmm3 < Formula
+ homepage ''
+ url ''

mistydemeo Oct 2, 2012


Since this is using a .tar.xz download, it needs a dependency on xz:

depends_on 'xz' => :build


jjeising commented Oct 2, 2012

@mistydemeo Added. gzip or bzip2 based packages are not available (anymore) since 3.3.

@ghost ghost assigned adamv Oct 28, 2012


adamv commented Oct 28, 2012

I don't see any reason not to pull this; will do a test compile this week some time.


jjeising commented Dec 11, 2012

Can somebody explain why it takes two month and more, after all quirks are fixed in a very pleasant and fast process?


MikeMcQuaid commented Dec 11, 2012

Because we are busy.


adamv commented Jan 5, 2013

Getting a binary clash:

ln -s ../homebrew/Cellar/gtk+3/3.4.4/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache gtk-update-icon-cache
Warning: Could not link gtk+3. Unlinking...
rm /usr/local/bin/gtk3-widget-factory
rm /usr/local/bin/gtk3-demo-application
rm /usr/local/bin/gtk3-demo
rm /usr/local/etc/gtk-3.0/im-multipress.conf
Error: The `brew link` step did not complete successfully
The formula built, but is not symlinked into /usr/local
You can try again using `brew link gtk+3'

jjeising commented Jan 5, 2013

@adamv This is a problem with gtk+3, not gtkmm3, isn't it? I get this too, if I try to relink gtk+/gtk+3. Looks like it only applies to gtk-update-icon-cache out of these:

/usr/local/bin/gtk-builder-convert -> ../Cellar/gtk+/2.24.11/bin/gtk-builder-convert
/usr/local/bin/gtk-demo -> ../Cellar/gtk+/2.24.11/bin/gtk-demo
/usr/local/bin/gtk-query-immodules-2.0 -> ../Cellar/gtk+/2.24.11/bin/gtk-query-immodules-2.0
/usr/local/bin/gtk-query-immodules-3.0 -> ../Cellar/gtk+3/3.4.4/bin/gtk-query-immodules-3.0
/usr/local/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache -> ../Cellar/gtk+3/3.4.4/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache
/usr/local/bin/gtk3-demo -> ../Cellar/gtk+3/3.4.4/bin/gtk3-demo
/usr/local/bin/gtk3-demo-application -> ../Cellar/gtk+3/3.4.4/bin/gtk3-demo-application
/usr/local/bin/gtk3-widget-factory -> ../Cellar/gtk+3/3.4.4/bin/gtk3-widget-factory

Maybe this should be renamed to gtk-update-icon-cache-2.0 and gtk-update-icon-cache-3.0. Perhaps @Midar can contribute to this, he submitted the original gtk+3 formula.


adamv commented Jan 7, 2013

Is gtk-update-icon-cache something the user is likely to need to run directly?

Is it called by the software itself? Anyone know?

@ghost ghost assigned adamv Jan 8, 2013

@adamv adamv closed this in b5da05a Jan 14, 2013

@jjeising jjeising deleted the jjeising:gtkmm3 branch Jan 16, 2013

norioxkimura added a commit to norioxkimura/homebrew that referenced this pull request Jan 16, 2013

gtkmm3 3.4.2
Closes #15238.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>

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