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I screwed up the branch I was originally going to send this from, so instead it's coming from a third branch. Anyway, differences between this and #16248 include:

  • Being from a non-master branch
  • I have now included directories for testing my script in (this was something @adamv was unsure about last time)
  • The script now has more logging and comments, and does its checks better.
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New branch for my script because I screwed up m…
…y last one

- add
- add some directories for testing it in

adamv commented Apr 30, 2013

Maintainers: is this something we want or not?


MikeMcQuaid commented Apr 30, 2013

Remind me what this does?

It's basically an expansion on brew diy to make installing stuff into Homebrew's Cellar easier


MikeMcQuaid commented May 1, 2013

Could/should this be part of brew diy? I don't see a harm in having it in Contributions regardless.

well if this were added to brew diy itself, it'd have to be rewritten in Ruby, and I don't know Ruby, so someone else would have to do that


MikeMcQuaid commented May 2, 2013

Being very stupid here but can you explain what this does that diy doesnt? I'm just wondering if we want two similar commands written in different languages.

(An aside: I didn't know Ruby before contributing to Homebrew either. I now have a job writing Ruby.)

brew diy just tells you the configure flag to pass to ./configure, this script actually applies that flag for you and runs it.


MikeMcQuaid commented May 3, 2013

Yeh, in that case I think this should be an argument e.g. brew diy --configure.

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adamv Aug 29, 2013


What are these gitignore files for?


cooljeanius Aug 29, 2013

To keep the directories from being empty.


adamv commented Aug 29, 2013

If another maintainer wants this include, please work towards inclusion; otherwise I recommend it be a small project external to Homebrew itself. I'll close in a couple days unless another maintainer steps in.


MikeMcQuaid commented Aug 29, 2013

I'm -1 on this as-is.


adamv commented Aug 29, 2013

Passing on this for inclusion in core, but would link it from the wiki:

@adamv adamv closed this Aug 29, 2013

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