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jpld commented Nov 28, 2010 is a pretty handy lossless image optimization tool for webly developers. one thing to take note of is it requires a patched version of pngnq to allow one to specify the output filename (by default it replaces in-place), the patch has been submitted upstream and the author expects it to be integrated into the next version of pngnq.

@jpld jpld add smush formula is a command-line tool implementation of Yahoo's lossless image optimizing service. one requirement it does have is a patched version of pngnq which allows one to specify the output file from the pngnq command-line tool.
jpld commented Nov 28, 2010

how can i do that now that i've already pushed the two revisions? kill my fork and start anew?

@jpld jpld Merge branch 'master' of
* 'master' of
  parallel - update to 20101122
  Updated Python 3 formula to 3.1.3.
  Updated Python formula to 2.7.1.
  Update libmpdclient to 2.3.
  Updated stp to rev 1028
  Update skipfish to 1.80b

No, I think you can just push -f after squashing.

jpld commented Nov 29, 2010

now just a single revision c6ce627


I still see a merge commit here but don't worry about it, pulled anyway. Can you split this into two commits? Also, I'm pretty sure you don't need to depend on Python (will wait for Adam to confirm/deny).

Sorry about this!

jpld commented Nov 30, 2010

hmm strange, squashing already pushed commits and forcing a push again probably has undefined results. my repo claims it is a single commit now but i wouldn't be surprised to hear you see something else.

you would like two commits, one for the formula add and one for the formula modification? i suspect we will have problems again with a split now that the changes have been pushed but i can certainly give that a shot if you'd prefer.


Don't worry, worst case I can just look at your repository.

adamv commented Mar 29, 2011

What does the pngnq patch do?

jpld commented Apr 12, 2011

it adds an -o command-line switch to allow the filename to be manually specified rather than always overwriting the input file.

from the README on github:
In the contrib directory is a file pngnq.diff. This must be applied against v1.0 of pngnq.c - the patch has been submitted back to the author, so it's possible that later versions will include the patched functionality (check for the existence of a '-o' option that allows an output file name to be specified). In that case, the it's not necessary to apply the patch.

unfortunately, it does not appear as though the author of pngnq has release a build after 1.0 to include this into yet.


I'd rather not patch an existing formula for the new one unless absolutely necessary. Can you link to the upstream bug report and perhaps ping the pngnq developers about making a new release?

adamv commented Jun 7, 2011

Closing this because we can't have software that does depends_on 'python' to get a specific version.

@adamv adamv closed this Jun 7, 2011
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