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Since Transmission.app does not include the command line tools, I thought I'd make a homebrew formula for them. This is the first formula I've made, and also the first time I'm using Github pull requests, so any comments are welcome.

As far as I understand, optional dependencies are not yet implemented but I tried to take them into account anyway.

The formula does not build The Cocoa or GTK user interfaces; GTK makes no sense for most people on OS X and anyone who wants the Mac UI can just go download it from the website.

Mentioning this somewhere might be useful but I have no idea where, since there doesn't seem to be a way to have user-visible descriptions for formulae.


You could add a caveat section, for example.


Added the caveat; I guess I could've just amended the original commit but at least like this I don't need to do any rebasing... I don't know how it interacts with Github's pull requests.

I'm a bit suspicious about the intltool/gettext dependency; It's pretty big and it doesn't seem to do much, for the command line utilities at least. I don't mind it, but maybe it would be better to build without NLS support by default?


Is anyone going through pull requests? There are so many just sitting on the pull requests page even though there's a lot of development activity. :/


There are only a few people with commit access to Homebrew, so it's not unusual for it to take a week or two or sometimes longer for something to get pulled.

If there is something you want to install that hasn't been merged yet, you can install it with brew install URL, e.g.
brew install https://raw.github.com/Chousuke/homebrew/0525763cf74cee4bf935c486acab4d17b879c353/Library/Formula/transmission.rb


Squash these to a single commit; thanks.

Jarkko Oranen Transmission 2.33 (cli utilities)
Does not build mac or GTK user interfaces; GTK makes no sense
for most people and anyone who wants the Mac UI can just go
download the .app from the website.

Squashed the earlier commits (which have now neatly disappeared from the pull request discussion page it seems) and rebased on a newer master.


Added as 948bc55, thanks!

@jacknagel jacknagel closed this Aug 31, 2011
> brew search transmission-cli                                                     
No formula found for "transmission-cli".
Searching pull requests...
Closed pull requests:
A formula for Transmission 2.33 (CLI tools) (https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew/pull/6612)

any news?


The formula name is "transmission".

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