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HomepointXI Issue Tracker

Welcome to the HomepointXI server issue tracker. This is where we manage any bugs/issues that players may come across while playing on the server. This tracker helps us keep an organized list of what needs to be fixed, reviewed, looked into etc. to ensure the server is as close to bug free as possible.

Exploit Reports

If you have found an exploit or other major bug that can result in unfair advantages or similar, please DO NOT report them here.

Instead, exploits should be sent to an Admin or GM via a private message on our Discord:
Discord: Homepoint XI Discord

All private servers are based off of a communal codebase and the codebase itself usually has its own issues tracker but

When in doubt as to who to report your issue to, use our tracker and we will investigate/forward the issue to them if it is needed.
If you are 100% certain the bug is not something you will need GM help with isn't specific to our custom content (an example is a Wonder NM) you can safely report the problem directly to them.

If the issue you would like to report concerns a Job Ability or Job Trait, do not report it here unless you are 100% certain it was already working. You can look up every job on the wiki to see what works and what doesn't. Any ability or trait that doesn't yet exist is a codebase problem, not necessarily a HomepointXI problem.

Issue Report Template

When you open a new issue on this tracker, a template will automatically fill in the input field that you can submit information with.

Please DO NOT remove the template. Instead, simply fill it out like it's a survey/test. It is important that you follow the template otherwise your issue may be locked due to not following the rules. The template allows us to gather as much information as needed from you that you may not think of when reporting a bug.

Click below to start the process of creating a new Server Issues ticket. After you click the below link, click on the green New Issue button (in the upper-right corner of the wwebsite that the below link takes you to) to start up a new ticket template.


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