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List of permissions to use Homes' function. All users are granted privileges from the beginning for users given ops permission by the server. Granting homes.general permission gives you all the general authority.

Permission Set

Permission Description Default
homes.* Grant all permissions of Homes op
homes.general Grant general permissions of Homes off

General Permission

Permission Description
homes.command Allow /home Allow /home <home_name>
homes.command.player Allow /home -p <player_name> Allow /home <home_name> -p <player_name>
homes.command.set Allow /home set Allow /home set <home_name>
homes.command.list Allow /home list
homes.command.list.player Allow /home list <player_name>
homes.command.delete Allow /home delete Allow /home delete <home_name> Allow /home help Allow /home help <command_name>
homes.command.private Allow /home private (on/off) Allow /home private (on/off) <home_name>
homes.command.invite Allow /home invite <player_name> Allow /home invite <player_name> <home_name>

Other Permission

Permission Description
homes.admin Allow all permissions and displayed private homes
homes.update Allow update messages when the player joined
homes.command.reload Allow /home reload
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