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Energy-friendly Homey dashboard πŸƒ Code from Athom+
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package.json commit message Apr 26, 2019 is an open-source project for wall-mounted Homey dashboards. This fork is primarily aimed at usage on an Raspberry pi or Iphone X on Raspberry pi on Raspberry pi on Raspberry pi

To run this locally:

npm i -g serve
git clone
serve -p 5000 app

(Or host it on your own favorite webserver, doing so may need changes to the source you need to do yourself.)

Then visit http://localhost:5000/?theme=web&lang=en&token=<TOKEN>

or http://localhost:5000/?theme=iphone&lang=en&token=<TOKEN> is available in German (de), English (en), French (fr), Dutch (nl), Norwegian (no) and Swedish (sv)

Your token can be acquired by visiting and looking in the console after logging in.

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