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HoneyPi is an customizable open source measurement system that allows beekeepers to monitor their hives 🐝


  1. HoneyPi Public

    Installer for a smart IoT beehive scale based on Raspberry Pi 🐝

    Shell 22 9

  2. rpi-scripts Public

    Python scripts that are executed on the hive scale for data acquisition in measurement mode.

    Python 13 13

  3. Webinterface for HoneyPi to make settings on the Raspberry Pi in maintenance mode.

    JavaScript 5 5

  4. Build Script for HoneyPi Raspberry Pi OS Images

    Shell 2 2

  5. honeypi-pcb Public

    Printed circuit board for the Raspberry Pi to connect various sensors to avoid the use of jumper cables.

    HTML 10 1


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