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Organization chart: A complete solution to generate and publish an orgchart without the need of a webserver and database (c) Michael Hoogkamer

Here is the online Demo

For more information see the Website

Do you want to show your (Agile) teams instead of an orgchart? Try: Teamviewer open source.

Build Setup

This is only needed if you want to build/change your own version. If you want to use it without modification, open \doc\index.html. See also \doc\config.js. For more info see the Website

The config.js, data.js and photos folder used for development are in the \static folder

# install dependencies
$ npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:3000
$ npm run dev

# build for production and launch server
$ npm run build
$ npm start

# generate static project
$ npm run generate
static output will be place in \dist folder, copy this to any location