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Odin One 3d Printer

Published under GPL v3


This repository contains the files needed to print and assemble the 3d printed parts of the Odin One 3d printer. As the machine is modified this repository will be updated to reflect the most current revision.

Each folder contains a text file with basic information on how to configure and print these parts. Please reference the build manual for specific information on assembly.

A primary goal of the Odin One is the create a high quality teaching tool. Contributing to 3d printing eduction for the public is very important to us. With that said, please share your contributions and findings with the community.

What's New

May 2017

  • Work continues on improving the included cooling solution (duct), currently the duct is effective but we do have some room to improve.
  • The team is focusing on producing kits and as we move into the summer show tour
  • It's time to start looking into ways of improving the extruder solution and the x-axis; a key point of improvement is weight reduction.
  • We are looking at making big improvements to the MK8 extruder as well, more on that to come!
  • The current controller case solution is being updated and improved as of now.

May 19 2017

PR: Mercury 1 (PR#66)

  • Reworked Unicap’s to tighten tolerances and reduce weight
  • Fixed an alignment issue with the Bed Belt Mount
  • Reworked Y Idle Mount
  • Reworked Y NEMA Mount for better fit
  • Reworked MK8 Mount for better alignment and strength

April 2017

All MK1 parts have been uploaded to the master branch. The WIKI is slowly being updated with info and specific guides

What's Next

Moving forward we will be focusing on improving documentation (to include BOM) and including CAD files for all parts.

Currectly the Odin CAD files are SKP (Sketchup) we will be reworking and sharing Fusion360 files for all items.


We need to verify and update the documentation (this includes markup on existing .MD files)