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What is 'MYBIAS'?

  • "MYBIAS" is K-POP Fan Community DAOs built on Polygon
    • If you MINT DAO NFTs, you can be a Fan Community DAO member and SUPPORT promising K-POP rookies (1NFT = 1VOTE)
    • Fan DAO Funds for supporting each K-POP rookie will be collected from NFT minting fees and become BIGGER and BIGGER autonomously deposited in stable coin pool
  • MYBIAS makes SUSTAINABLE fan community DAOs


Short written pitch

K-POP fandom

  • There are more than 100 million global K-POP fans
  • They promote their bias (=thier favorite K-POP group) in TV programs, billboards and bus shelter. They also keep buying same albums and merchandises to keep bias's grades up and rent cafes or galleries to display bias' photos
    • For example, BTS V's chinese fans raise the fund over $1 million autonomously in 24 hrs to celebrate his birthday and promote him globally


  • Need Money and Time continually for supporting
    • Fans try to support K-POP bias like family or girl/boy friend so spend a lot of time and money autonomously
    • However, only K-POP agencies earn money and fans are regarded as CONSUMERS. (K-POP fans call themselves 'ATM'.)
    • It's so hard to continue supporting activities since NEED MONEY AND TIME CONTINUALLY
  • HARD TO PARTICIPATE IN active supporting groups
    • Because of language barrier and limited information, It is hard for global fans to support their K-POP bias. Most of active supporting communities are operated only in Korea.
    • Especially, If you discover K-POP rookies who are just debuted, there are FEW GLOBAL FAN SUPPORTING GROUPS


  • Need Money and Time continually? → Fan DAO supporting funds increasing spontaneously from DeFi staking rewards so don't need to shell out for supporting activities continually
  • Hard to participate in supporting groups? → The communication method of Fan DAO is not language but NFT. Even if each fans have different language, they can collect their supporting opinions through NFT governance system.

Why DAO and NFT?

  • K-POP Fandom is already DAOs in some ways
    • They are collected autonomously for specific purpose - "make my bias famous"
    • They raise money to support bias autonomously
    • However, In existing K-POP Fandom, there are no incentives for continuous supporting activities
    • MYBIAS combined DAO+ community token + DeFi to make sustainable fan community DAOs with fair rewards for fan's contributions
  • NFT is the membership for MYBIAS K-POP rookie DAO
    • MYBIAS NFTs are a kind of PFPs representing each fans' identity as fan DAO members. DAO members can consider those NFTs as their new egos in MYBIAS World
    • MYBIAS made PFP NFTs reflecting K-POP rookies styles (hair, looks, symbols) so it makes fans feel a sense of belonging for fan DAO more easily

How does MYBIAS work?

In MYBIAS, Fan DAOs for supporting K-POP rookies will be created continually


Here is a step that MYBIAS DAO works

Untitled 1

  1. Mint DAO PFP NFT
  • Animal PFP NFT is a membership for DAO and 1 NFT means 1 VOTE for DAO decision making
  • MYBIAS will mint 10,000 NFT for each K-POP rookie group DAO. 'Deers' represents STAYC fans' identity. Here is a sneak-peek

Untitled 2

  1. Join Fan DAO and collect fund for supporting bias
  • 100% of NFT minting fees and 5% of secondary NFT transaction loyalties from Opensea are deposited in Fan Dao Fund for supporting each K-POP rookie group (e.g., STAYC DAO Fund, BTS DAO Fund)
  • The DAO Fund will be deposited in stable coin pool (Quickswap USDC-USDT pool). Fans can autonomously suggest and vote which pools to invest later
  • The investment rewards will be deposited in Fan DAO and the fund becomes bigger and bigger
  1. Vote supporting activities
  • DAO members (=MYBIAS NFT holders) can suggest and vote how to support their bias. 1 NFT has 1 voting right


Untitled 3

  • What is $BIAS (MYBIAS community token)?
    • Based on supporting contributions of DAOs, $BIAS token will be distributed for each DAOs.
    • In long-term plan, fans can create their own fan DAOs autonomously with MYBIAS DAO tools (Like Reddit, Discord). Each fan DAOs will need to pay for MYBIAS DAO tools subscriptions with $BIAS
  • What is MYBIAS DAO tools?
    • Like Reddit or Discord, MYBIAS DAO tools help global K-POP fans create their own fan supporting DAO autonomously (e.g., Fund operation, Voting system on smart contract)


  • K-POP Fandom culture is autonomous, unique and powerful. MYBIAS DAO can reward their efforts for bias and boost their supporting activities. So MYBIAS makes 'SUSTAINABLE FAN COMMUNITY'
  • MYBIAS can be enlarged to sports, social media creators, movies, books, games, dramas, corporate products... Actually, EVERYTHING has its own fandom. It means that people will be able to create various fan community DAOs and support the loved ones autonomously in MYBIAS

Additional Information

  • Date when team began working on the project : Since November, 2021 (Our team worked more than 200 hrs since November, 2021. We put a lot of efforts to develop ideas how to solve the As-Is problems in real world and business structrue that can make people willing to participate in DAOs)
  • Wallet address : 0x71a4F75fC65A2bFB187A7077aA754E37588Db224 (Ethereum Network)
  • Contact : Justin Lee (

Getting Started


  • Linux or Mac
  • node ≥ 16


git clone
cd MyBias-DAO/hardhat/
npm install

Create .env File

touch .env

Write this


Note: Only the Metamask wallet is available for this demo

Prepare some Matics

You may need 1 ~ 3 Matics in your wallet.

Deploy Base Contracts

npm run deploy

You will deploy 3 base contracts and 3 factory contracts

  • MyBiasBaseFund
  • MyBiasBaseGovernanceToken
  • MyBiasBaseNFT
  • MyBiasFundFactory
  • MyBiasGovernanceTokenFactory
  • MyBiasNFTFactory

Create(Clone) Fan DAO Contracts

npm run createFanDao

You will deploy 4 contracts based on Stayc Community.

  • MyBiasNFT
  • MyBiasFund
  • MyBiasGovernanceToken
  • InitialStrategy

When the deployment is finished, the address of the deployed contracts will be displayed on the console as follows.


Copy and register these addresses to demo website. Click the Register button in the upper right corner of the site and enter it appropriately.

Once registered, there is no need to register until new contracts are deployed

Note: If addresses are not registered, the demo site will not work properly.

Enable Public Sale

To buy NFTs in the demo site, you need to allow publicSale.

npm run enablePublicSale

Then, you can buy nfts in demo website. In this demo, the price is 0.01 Matic per one.

Send Matic to Fund Contract

When NFTs are sold and funds are raised, the owner can transfer the accumulated funds to the fund contract to deposit funds in DeFi.

npm run sendMaticToFund

Send Contract's Fund to DeFi

npm run sendFundToPool

The following procedures will be executed.

  • Send fund contract's Matic to strategy contract
  • Swap Matic to USDC and USDT
  • Add Liquidity USDC-USDT Pool (QuickSwap)
  • Stake lpToken

Note: Network or other issues may cause disruptions in the process. Therefore, unit operation scripts such as follow also exist.

npm run swap
npm run addLiquidity
npm run stake

Add Propose

npm run propose

In this demo, we will propose Subway Advertisment in Seoul. It is a proposal to send 0.001 Matic to 0x10B9bB7Bc8D9278C14A5c971CA4B2130257e5fED from fund contract.

Execute Proposal

If the voting period (in this demo, 5 minutes from the time of the proposal) has elapsed, the quorum is satisfied and the proposal is successful with a majority vote in favor, the proposal can be executed. 0.001 Matic will be sent to 0x10B9bB7Bc8D9278C14A5c971CA4B2130257e5fED from fund contract.

npm run execute


  • Transactions are often delayed or failed due to issues such as network or pending transaction. Wait enough and try again.
  • There are several other scripts in hardhat/scripts. You can use them or call other functions of the contract directly to solve the problem.


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