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Hootsy Unity SDK

This project allows you to add voice interactive characters (assistants) to your Unity scene. Assistants can be created at

Instructions for installing the SDK

  1. Download the latest version of Unity 2018.3
  2. Open Unity and load the project at the root of this repository. File -> Open Project -> Hootsy-Unity-SDK
  3. Download and import the following to this project
    • Unity Standard Assets * needed to run the VR example scenes. On import you only need to select Characters > FirstPersonCharacter, CrossPlatformInput, Editor > CrossPlatformInput, PhysicsMaterials, and Utiliy under Standard Assets folder.
  4. Open your choice of scenes in the 'Assets/Hootsy/Examples' folder. Note: If the text looks strange the first time you import Text Mesh Pro, close and re-open scene.
  5. If you haven't already, create an assistant at Select the 'Code' button in the website studio editor and copy the Id and Token.
  6. In Unity:
    • For VR scene, select the HootsyAssistant prefab in the scene and paste the Id. Select the HootsyCore prefab in the scene and paste the token.
    • For AR scene, expand out the 'AR Objects' object in the example folder and paste the ID (note: this is set by the AR place on plane script for the AR Session Origin object in the AR scene). Select the HootsyCore prefab in the scene and paste the token.
  7. If you uploaded a new character to the website, upload the same character files to Unity and make it a child of the HootsyAssistant. You may need to further adjust the scale. Select the Scene tab in Unity to see a placeholder that is roughly 6 ft tall in AR.
  8. Run the scene. If it's the VR scene, you should see the Assistant displayed similar to the website.

For more details, see the Hootsy Developer Documentation.


The software located at 'Assets/Hootsy/Plugins' is subject to the Hootsy Software License Agreement. By using this software, you acknowledge its license.

All other software is subject to an open source license.

The intent of the dual licensing is to provide you freedom to modify the appearance of the assistant and interactions in your scenes.

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