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Desktop Controller for MERP
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MERP Desktop Controller

The MERP Desktop Controller is a desktop interface for remote controlling MERP via a WiFi connection.

MERP Desktop Controller Demo

After entering MERP's IP and connecting via WiFi, the Desktop Controller can send various motor control signals to the Raspberry Pi on MERP, using both the speed controls and the directional controls.

Desktop Controller On Startup/Disconnected

MERP Desktop Controller Startup

Desktop Controller On Successful Connection

MERP Desktop Controller Successful Connection

Desktop Controller After Successful Connection

MERP Desktop Controller After Successful Connection

Desktop Controller On Successful Disconnect

MERP Desktop Controller Successful Disconnect

Desktop Controller On Failed Connection

MERP Desktop Controller Failed Connection

Building the Project

The code for the Desktop Controller is structured as a Gradle project, with a task for building a runnable JAR file. To build and run the JAR (for both Windows Powershell and Linux):

NOTE: Releases are available with pre-built JARs, if you would prefer to skip the cloning and building steps, and get straight to running the code.

  • Clone this repo:
$ git clone
  • CD into the project directory:
$ cd Merp-Controller
  • Execute the Gradle task to create the JAR (The JAR will be created in the build/libs directory):
$ ./gradlew runnableJAR
  • Execute the JAR with the following command:
$ java -jar "build/libs/MERP Controller-1.0.jar"
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