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Horizon SDK for Android

Horizon logo

Horizon SDK is a state of the art real-time video recording / photo shooting Android library.

Some of the features of Horizon SDK include:

  • Horizon real-time leveling algorithm (you can find more at https://horizon.camera)
  • Support for multiple resolutions
  • Hardware accelerated
  • Small footprint library file: less than 300 kb

In order to use Horizon SDK on your app, you have to receive your API key by contacting us. The provided sample app contains its own API key.

The library can be used on devices running Android 4.3 (API 18) or higher.

For more information take a look at the Installation and Quick Start guides of the documentation.

Sample app

There is one Android Studio project in the examples directory, which makes use of most of the SDK features:

  • creates a preview view
  • adjusts the UI elements according to the physical device orientation
  • starts and stop the preview
  • captures photos and records videos

You need the latest Android Studio to build the project.