WordPress Redirector Plugin
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Exit after wp_redirect



Redirect posts, pages or any custom post type to a different url.


  • Put the plugin file in your plugin directory and activate it in your WP backend.
  • Go to edit a page
  • Scroll down to 'Redirector' meta box
  • Select a WordPress page of you installation or enter a valid URL or select the 'first child page'


Meta box - No redirection

Meta box - No redirection

Meta box - Select post ( any post type )

Meta box - Select post ( any post type )

Modal box - Select post ( any post type ) with most recent posts

Modal box - Select post ( any post type ) with most recent posts

Modal box - Search post ( any post type )

Modal box - Search post ( any post type )

Meta box - Selected post ( any post type )

Meta box - Selected post ( any post type )

Meta box - Custom URL

Meta box - Custom URL

Meta box - First child element

Meta box - First child element

Meta box - SSL

Meta box - SSL

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get support or report bugs?

Please use the github to report bugs or add feature requests!

How can I activate Redirector for other post types beside pages?

Simple add the post type support for it via add_post_type_support( 'post', 'redirector' )



  • redirector_uninstall - Runs on plugin deinstall
  • redirector_metabox_begin - Begin redirector meta box
  • redirector-redirect-type - After redirect types
  • redirector_metabox_end - End redirector meta box
  • redirector-modal-search-begin Begin redirector modal
  • redirector-modal-search-end End redirector modal


  • redirector-redirect-url - Alter the query string that is appended to redirect url
  • redirector-redirect-stati - Add other status codes
  • redirector-status-code - Redirect status code; default 301
  • redirector-recent-posts - Alter redirector recent posts query
  • redirector-search-query - Alter redirector search query
  • redirector-meta - Alter Redirector meta save

Update Notice

v1.x - v2.x to v3.x

In version 3+ I've changed the database handling of storing the post meta data. This results in that you have the visit the backend once after updating the plugin. The function maybe_update() will handle the transition from the old structure to the newer one. There shouldn't be any problem updating the plugin, if so please contact me!



  • Added: Redirect status code
  • Added action: redirector-redirect-type
  • Added filter: redirector-redirect-stati
  • Changed: Parameter added to redirector-status-code filter
  • Changed: Template redirect priority parameter, this might fix some problems with cache plugins


  • Fix: Checked checkbox for no redirection
  • Fix: Prevent empty redirects
  • Fix: Compability with Cachify


  • Added: Search post object for post redirect type
  • Added: Redirect preview
  • Added action: redirector-update
  • Added action: redirector-modal-search-begin
  • Added action: redirector-modal-search-end
  • Added filter: redirector-recent-posts
  • Added filter: redirector-redirect-url
  • Added filter: redirector-status-code
  • Added filter: redirector-meta
  • Enhancement: New Redirector UI
  • Removed Filter: redirector_redirect
  • Removed Filter: redirector_status
  • Removed Filter: redirector_types


  • Added more arguements to the hooks
  • Added README.md


  • Filter 'redirector_status' added
  • Uninstall routine activated
  • Code readability increased


  • Enhancement: Cleanup
  • Fix: Minor typos
  • Fix: Metabox is displayed correctly on new post


  • Core function rewritten
  • Updated JS/CSS
  • Fully extendable with filters and actions
  • Custom Post Type Support
  • New redirect Method (HTTPS)
  • Moved files into folders


  • Moved the code into class


  • Proper multilanguage support
  • CSS moved to redirector.css
  • JS moved to redirector.js