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Redirect a page to an URL


With this Plugin you can redirect a page in your WordPress installation to any other URL, to a page in your WordPress installation, to the first child page or to https.

!!! WARNING !!!

Some users reported that during the update to 2.0 all redirects where deleted before, I removed the plugin uninstall hook for now and investigate this bug. I've updated the SVN without a version bump.

Please do a backup of your db before you update the plugin!


  • Put the plugin file in your plugin directory and activate it in your WP backend.
  • Go to edit a page
  • Scroll down to 'Redirector' meta box
  • Select a WordPress page of you installation or enter a valid URL or select the 'first child page'


  1. Screenshot of the Meta box in the content
  2. Screenshot of the Meta box in the sidebar

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no redirect box when I create a new page!

You have to save it once to get access to the redirecor settings. Sorry for that!

Are there any filters I can use?

Sure here is a list

  1. redirector_dropdown
  2. redirector_url
  3. redirector_redirect

Where can I get support or report bugs?

Please use the github to report bugs or add feature requests!

Are there any actions I can hook on?

Sure here is a list

  • redirector_metabox_begin
  • redirector_metabox_end
  • redirector_types
  • redirector_uninstall

I've found a bug, what to do?



  • Added more arguements to the hooks
  • Added


  • Filter 'redirector_status' added
  • Uninstall routine activated
  • Code readability increased


  • Enhancement: Cleanup
  • Fix: Minor typos
  • Fix: Metabox is displayed correctly on new post


  • Core function rewritten
  • Updated JS/CSS
  • Fully extendable with filters and actions
  • Custom Post Type Support
  • New redirect Method (HTTPS)
  • Moved files into folders


  • Moved the code into class


  • Proper multilanguage support
  • CSS moved to redirector.css
  • JS moved to redirector.js

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