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Go+Ada SPARK Example

This is an example program for how to interface a Go program with Ada SPARK 2014 functions by using cgo as described here. This uses the example binary_search SPARK example with only a single pragma Export added.


In order to run this example you will need a working Go environment, Ada (with gnat libraries), and Ada SPARK.

To run proofs, compile Ada libraries, and compile the Go binary run:


The proof output will be generated into ./gnatprove/gnatprove.out and the spark_test go binary will be created from the goexample.go source.

This example includes cexample.c that can be used as an example to link Ada SPARK programs into C. Create the C spark_test binary with:

make c

Clean up with:

make clean


  1. Export SPARK function to C:
  2. Prove Ada code: gnatprove
  3. Compile Ada code to object file: gnatmake
  4. Create static archive (you could use the .o directly at link time as in the C example): ar rc
  5. Compile Go: go build