A library for implementing selection of multiple elements from visual collections with a mouse and keyboard.
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A library for implementing selection of multiple elements from visual collections with a mouse and keyboard.

Using the library

Installation means to include the dist/multiselect.js script. Alternatively one can use the library as a CommonJS module, importing it as var multiselect = require('multiselectjs');. Additional functionality (selection geometries) can be required as 'multiselectjs/js/filename'.

The library is meant to be run on the browser, so tools like Browserify could/should be applied to use the library as a module.

Please consult the library's home pages for tutorials and further guidance on how to use the library.

Project layout

The repository is organized as follows.

- `org` - Source of the library and documentation, written in a /literate programming/ style in Emacs' org-mode.
- `org-docs` - Additional documentation (tutorial) written in org-mode markup.
- `js` - JavaScript source codes of the library, generated from files in the `org` directory.
- `dist` - JavaScript bundles to be included as scripts to web pages.
- `dist-docs` - HTML documentation built from sources in `org` and `org-docs`.
- `test` - Tests and a test harness. Unit tests are generated from files in `org`.
- `examples` - Example applications.

Since Emacs and LaTeX are not installed in every computer, the generated files are committed in to the repository at each release. as well.


Install Node dependencies with the command npm install. Then the command npm run build builds the scripts in dist from sources in js.

There is also a Makefile that builds the js files from org files, builds documentation, creates a new version of the library's web-pages (to be committed to the gh-pages branch) etc.

A few of the useful targets are:

  • dist

    • build sources to js from org-files, build the standalone scripts to dist using Browserify
  • docs

    • build the tutorial and other documentation from org files
  • test

    • build tests and run them (open's a browser page)
  • track-generated-on, track-generated-off

    • marks tracking generated files by git on/off (it only makes sense to commit the generated files in for releases).