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class to enable easy access to structures
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_Struct is a class that is used to get easy access to structures and its members.

sizeof() is used to calculate structure size and is mandatory for _Struct to work.

Read about usage of _Struct here:
Read about usage of sizeof  here:

Download _Struct.ahk and sizeof.ahk to your library (Path of AutoHotkey.exe\Lib\_Struct.ahk...)

Visit _Struct on AutoHotkey forum!

Companion projects:  
[WinStructs]( - A collection of definitions for Windows Structures. If you create structure definitions, please add them here so only one person ever need do a structure.  

[AHK-SizeOf-Checker]( - Verifies sizes of structures that _Struct creates against the size of the structure reported in compiled C++ code.  
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