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@Hotohori Hotohori released this Apr 28, 2019 · 19 commits to master since this release

  • fixed compatibility with Blender 2.78
  • materialref materials are now checked if they really exits before they where added to the xml for mwmbuilder
  • add <!--material X can't be found--> line to the xml file if a material could be a materials lib material. That happens when the material is not found in the lib, is on Auto Technique and have no textures set up or they are unchecked.
  • <!--material has no...--> appears only if material need this one, so no longer this lines on Glass or Alphamask on MESH

Version 0.9.0 Alpha 4 Changes since 0.7.0:

  • removed DX9 stuff
  • removed other old stuff
  • added DECAL_CUTOUT, DECAL_NOPREMULT and ALPHA_MASK_SINGLE_SIDED to the Selection on the materials tab.
  • added to use the correct Technique if you use materials from the Materials XMLs (SEModSDK OriginalContent\Materials).
  • add "Auto Technique" as default - if you use a material from materials.xml it add from there the correct technique, if you use a other from the drop down menu you overwrite the technique. If you create a own material and you have it on "Auto Technique" it will set it to "Normal Material"/MESH, so like before for a MESH Material you didn't need to change this setting
  • add Blender Versions Check, if you use < 2.79 it use collision box scaling 1.0 if you use 2.79+ it use 0.1 - so you never must think about that whatever your used Blender version is.
  • add autocomplete textures: if you leave NG, ADD or Alphamap fields under material tree empty, on export it looks for existing matching filenames and add the missing one or let it empty.
  • add checkboxs on texture materials, if unchecked no texture file at all is saved into the xml for mwmbuilder
  • changed behavior if you use a material from materials.xml and set up a other texture on the material. It overwrites the texture file from materials.xml, so you could mix a material from materials.xml with own files.
  • add at the plugin settings a second path for mwmbuilder... one for the old version one for the actual version
  • add to the Scene export a checkbox if you want to use the old or the actual mwmbuilder (default is the actual one)
  • changed the material xml setting from file to folder
  • add a button to create a junction folder structure for mwmbuilder to find the material xmls
  • add a button to directly install the SE Mod SDK from Steam (the Install Dialog from Steam will pop up)
  • add a button to switch to the Tools tab in the Steam library
  • add a advanced settings section to the settings with actual one setting: you could add extra arguments for mwmbuilder
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