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The following is a list of applications and games tested with the OVRdrop.

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Mirrored from:

App Name Working Working w/ Issues Not working
Steam ☑¹
Steam Chat ☑²
SteamVR Status
Windows 10 Photo App
Windows Photo Viewer

¹: Steam sometimes has issues that I haven't been able to track down yet. Sometimes it works great, other times the FPS tanks to 3~ FPS. Recommend using Monitor # capture instead if you need to use Steam.

²: Like the Steam main window, Steam Chat sometimes has an issue where the FPS drops to 40~ FPS. Still trying to track down the cause of these issues.

Mirrored to:

(This just tracks which games support SteamVR overlays since they should otherwise work in every SteamVR game)

(Should work in all games on the Vive, but it will be noted here if we find any that do not)

SteamVR App Name Working Not working (Vive) Not working (Rift)¹ Links
Budget Cuts Demo ?
Cosmic Trip ?
Cyberpong VR ?
Elite Dangerous ☑⁴ See fix 1 2 3 4
Euro Truck Sim 2 ? 1
H3VR ?
Job Simulator ?
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes ☒? 1
New Retro Arcade: Neon ?
Project Cars ☑² ☒? 1
Raw Data ? 1
Subnautica ☑⁴ See fix 1
The Brookhaven Experiment ? 1
Tabletop Simulator ?
The Lab 1
TiltBrush ? 1 2
WarThunder ? ? ☒? 1

¹: We have at least one confirmation that you might be able to use Revive to trick those Rift games into drawing through SteamVR instead of Direct-To-Rift. It will be funny if this turns out to be a solution :). Please test it out if you can!

²: It seems that Project Cars does some trickery, where it draws to an overlay somehow? See here, the central part of your view seems to be an overlay that can draw on top of other overlays (OpenVRDesktopDisplayPortal & OpenVRTwitchChat are both featured in this picture). Notice even the SteamVR Notification at the bottom is being drawn on top of. Even more annoying, it's at an angle, so where you'll have to move these overlays to draw on top of it, changes based on the Y position. You can get around this by setting the Z to something like -.8, and the Scale to something like .2. For OpenVRTwitchChat I had to set the Z to -1.8 for some reason.

³: I was all ready to call ED on Rift an incompatibility, but /u/fdsprod provided a video that very clearly shows ED and OVRdrop drawing to his Rift! Please see here for more information! We need your help to figure out how his setup is different! Update: /u/jheggstrife has discovered EDFX forces ED to run through SteamVR, which brings support for OVRdrop! The downside is you lose Asynchronous Timewarp for Reprojection. The upside is you gain access to SteamVR Overlays, including OpenVRDesktopDisplayPortal! Please see his post here for more details! /u/Exigeous also created a guide on setting this up!

⁴: Turns out certain Rift games can easily be made to run on SteamVR, so OVRdrop can render to them! All you have to do is set the game's EXEs to run with Compatibility for Windows 7. Here are the steps for Elite Dangerous and Subnautica.

Controller Integration:

These games support Controller Interaction (including mouse simulation). Some games might request Exclusive Access to the controllers and prevent interaction, but I haven't found any yet.

If you find that interaction doesn't work, try opening and closing the SteamVR Dashboard menu by hitting the System button on the controller (the button below the Touchpad on the Vive Controller), this seems to fix this issue.

If you find that grabbing works but mouse does not, try launching Steam as Admin as some applications will ignore simulated clicks from lower security level applications (such as Task Manager).

Currently only Vive controllers have been tested!

Touch controllers should work too, but haven't been tested by the author!

SteamVR App Name Grabbing Works Mouse Works Links
Budget Cuts
Cosmic Trip
Hover Junkers
Job Simulator
Out Of Ammo
The Lab
SteamVR Chaperone Tron Mode ☑¹ ☑¹
SteamVR Home World ☑¹ ☑¹
SteamVR Dashboard Menu ☒¹ ☒¹
SteamVR Tron Mode ☒¹ ☒¹

"SteamVR Home World" is the area you are in when you first launch SteamVR or when no games are running.

¹: Controller Integration works on the SteamVR Home World, but is disabled when you open the Dashboard Menu. The Tron Mode that occurs when you double tap the System Button also breaks interaction, but the Outline Tron Mode that occurs when you get close to chaperone (if enabled) works fine :).