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Welcome to the FAQ for OVRdrop!

Almost all of the controls on the Desktop Application window have tooltips, so be sure to hover your cursor over a control for a few seconds to see if the tooltip answers your question.

If you can't find an answer to your question here, you can search for it on our subreddit or ask about it on our subreddit.

Table of Contents

Q) Is there going to be a Demo?

A) Yes, there should be a demo available shortly. (2018 me says I took to long.. sorry guys.. ♥)

There will be a few limitations in the demo version:

  • The demo will be time limited.
  • You will be able to use the Save/Load feature while the OVRdrop Demo is still open, but it will not actually save to the disk, so when you restart it will reset everything back to new.
  • The demo will also feature a watermark that cannot be disabled.

Otherwise, the demo should be fully featured, so I think this is a fair trade off and a good way to give everyone a taste.

Q) How do I use OVRdrop?

A) Start up SteamVR, then start up OVRdrop. From there you're free to jump into VR. You can move the OVRdrop overlay by touching it with your VR controller, and holding the trigger down. You can scale it by first "grabbing" it, then holding the second trigger down and moving the controllers closer or further apart. You can send mouse clicks by aiming at OVRdrop and pulling the trigger and releasing quickly.

Q) Can I target the Vive's Camera?

A) Maybe. Some users are reporting it works, other users are reporting it doesn't. I assume this is due to USB bandwidth limitations, and is the same reason some users are reporting their Vive camera doesn't work at all.

For best results, turn off the camera in SteamVR's Settings - this frees the camera up, but doesn't actually disable it. I was able to use the camera for several hours straight without any issues.

Q) My window disappeared and now there's just a faint light where the Overlay was - what happened?

A) Did you somehow minimize the window or move it completely off screen? Unfortunately, the current Capture API can only capture windows which are currently visible on your screen. We're working towards capturing background windows as well, but unfortunately there is no ETA yet.

Q) How can I change the "target window" being cloned into VR?

A) There are two ways. You can select the dropdown in the top left of the Desktop Application window, or, aim at the OVRdrop Overlay until the "magnifying glass" icon appears at the top left of the overlay. Click that icon by aiming at it and pulling the trigger and releasing quickly. This opens the Application Selection Overlay. From there you can select the "target window" by aiming at it and pulling the trigger, then release it quickly.

Q) How can I change the transparency of the OVRdrop overlay?

A) There are two ways. You can use the controls in the bottom right of the Desktop Application window, or, aim at the OVRdrop Overlay until the "Open Settings" button appears at the bottom of the overlay. Click that button, then grab the "Transparency" slider that appears in the VR settings panel.

Q) How can I simulate the scroll wheel?

A) By default, aim at the application, squeeze the grips, and slide your finger either vertically or horizontally along the Touchpad. You can disable the requirement for holding down the grips under the "Additional Settings" in the Desktop Application window.

Q) How can I watch 3d Side-By-Side content?

A) First, you'll need a video player such as VLC. Begin playing your 3d SBS content using your preferred video player, then target your video player using OVRdrop. For optimal enjoyment, fullscreen your video (if possible). If you are using VLC, you can set a custom Aspect Ratio to match your content. For example, if you are watching a standard 16:9 video in Side-By-Side, set the aspect ratio to 32:9. This will result in an unstretched video. On the Desktop Application window, click the "Additional Settings" button, and check the box next to "Content is Side By Side". This will result in your video appearing in 3d Side-By-Side in VR. If your source content is encoded for Right-Left instead of Left-Right, you can check the box next to "Invert Eyes" to fix the appearance of the overlay. Finally, and for optimal enjoyment, adjust the window crop settings at the top of the Desktop Application window to crop out the black borders above/below your video (if applicable).

Q) How do I access the 'Experimental' beta, or some other beta?

A) You can access the Experimental beta by

  • Right click OVRdrop in your Steam Library
  • Click Properties
  • Click on the BETAS tab
  • In the dropdown under Select the beta you would like to opt into:, select experimental -

Please see Accessing Alternative Builds for a more detailed guide with a list of access codes.

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