FoldingCoin & CureCoin All-In-One Installer
Visual Basic NSIS HTML
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Hou5e v17 release changes: Upgrade to CefSharp/Chrome v65 (VC++2015). Updat…
…e the FoldingBrowser FAH download links for the FAH website domain change. Added 'Shop' FoldingCoin button. Updated tabbing order on forms.
Latest commit 77e158a Aug 5, 2018


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FoldingCoin & CureCoin All-In-One Installer


Browser Hotkeys

Hotkeys Function
F5 Refresh
CTRL+F5 Refresh, ignoring browser cache
ESC Cancel navigation
ALT+Left, Prior Navigate back
ALT+Right, Next Navigate forward
CTRL+F Open Find (Find Next: ENTER or F3, Find Previous: SHIFT+ENTER or SHIFT+F3, Close Find: ESC)
F12 Open web developer tools



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