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This repo was made for my hardware specifications only, you can use it as a guide, don't use it directly in your build.

Hardware Specifications

CPU: Intel i5 8400

Motherboard: Asrock z370m Pro4

Graphic Card: SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon™ RX 560 4GD5

Wi-Fi & BT: BCM943602CS

RAM: Micron 8G DDR4 2666 x 2

SSD0: Intel 760P 512G NVMe M.2 (The latest macOS)

SSD1: HP EX900 250G (The latest macOS)

HDD0: Toshiba 1TB HDD (TimeMachine)

Display0: Dell U2718QM

Display1: Dell U2414H

Wi-Fi & BT card are natively supported by macOS, work out of box.

BIOS Settings

BIOS Version: 3.20

Advanced \ Chipset Configuration → Vt-d : Disabled

Advanced \ Super IO Configuration → Serial Port: Disabled

Advanced \ USB Configuration → XHCI Hand-off : Enabled

Advanced \ Chipset Configuration → Share Memory : 128MB

Advanced \ Chipset Configuration → IGPU Multi-Monitor : Enabled

Installation Caveats


In order to make audio work, Audio Inject's value must be 1.

Use USB 2.0 port to install macOS

macOS USB installer must be inserted into the USB 2.0 port on the rare of you motherboard. Otherwise, installation will be failed - AppleUSBHostPort::disconnect: persistent enumeration failures.

Make USB work properly

Here are some issues you’re going to have if USB doesn't work properly:

  1. Unable to detect USB devices.
  2. Computer wakes up immediately after sleep.
  3. Limit USB 3.0's speed at 480 Mbps.
  4. Need replugging USB devices after reboot/sleep.

In order to make USB and sleep work properly you need to make a USB patch. macOS 10.14.1 has USB port limit, thus you need an earlier version of macOS, for example macOS 10.13.6.

⚠️ When I was building mine Hackintosh, there was no USB ports limit patch for macOS 10.14.1, thus I had to install an earlier version of macOS. If you can find the patch for your macOS on this page - List of Hackintosh USB Port Limit Patches (10.14 Updated), lucky for you, you just saved a lot of time!

1 Remove USB port limit

After installing macOS 10.13.6 you need to remove USB port limit. Otherwise, you can only see 15 USB ports on FB Patcher. Here is the removal guide - List of Hackintosh USB Port Limit Patches (10.14 Updated).

2 Use FB Patcher to generate USB patch

After the USB port limit removal, reboot your computer, and follow this guide to make your own USB patch - USB Port Patching.

3 Store your USB patch file

Store your USB patch file in a secure place, it's your own patch file, you can't find it anywhere else.

Intel Framebuffer Patching

To make the integrated Intel UHD 630 work, please follow this tutorial to enable Intel Framebuffer Patching - Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen.

That tutorial is long and boring, for 8th Gen CPU users, just read this - corpnewt/Hackintosh-Guide.

Known issues

Bluetooth rarely stops working after sleep.

It happens on real Macs too, in my case it was caused by my Apple Watch trying to unlock my Hackintosh after sleep, reboot bluetooth service with this command: $ sudo kill -9 `pgrep bluetoothd` - Restart Bluetooth Daemon on Mac OS X without restarting.

No hardware acceleration on Final Cut Pro X

I have no idea how to prefectly fix it, this post did a great explaination - Asrock H370M-ITX/ac and getting RX560 or RX580 to work with Intel graphics for full hardware acceleration on Mojave, not a big deal for me, I rarely use Final Cut Pro X.

How to upgrade macOS

❗️ Backup your system, suggest to use Carbon Copy Cloner make a bootable backup, you can boot from your backup and restore the whole system if update fails.

❗ Use Kext Updater to update kexts and Clover.

❗ Be cautious, check online forums for potential issues before updating.

System upgrade history

Version Date Comment
macOS Mojave 10.14.2 (18C54) 2018.12.7 Normal upgrade, no issue
macOS Mojave 10.14.3 (18D42) 2019.1.23 Normal upgrade, no issue
macOS Mojave 10.14.3 (18D109) 2019.2.11 Normal upgrade, no issue
macOS Mojave 10.14.4 (18E226) 2019.3.26 Normal upgrade, no issue
macOS Mojave 10.14.5 (18F132) 2019.5.14 Normal upgrade, no issue

USB port mapping

HSXX means USB 2.0,SSXX means USB 3.0.

Rear of motherboard:

port mapping

Bluetooth: HS05

Case front panle USB (up):HS09 SS06

Case front panle USB (down):HS09 SS06


Geekbench CPU


Geekbench GPU





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