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A Sample Album module for Zend Framework 2
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Sample Album Modulefor Zend Framework 2


Album is a sample Module based on the (Getting Started) guide .


Main Setup

  1. Clone this project into your ./module/ directory and enable it in your application.config.php file.
return array(
    'modules' => array(
        'Album',//add this to your configuration
    'module_listener_options' => array(
        'config_glob_paths'    => array(
        'module_paths' => array(

Copy the These files

  • module/Album/config/database.local.php.dist to config/autload/database.local.php
  • module/Album/config/global.php.dist to config/autload/global.php

Database Setup

Import module/Album/data/album.sql into your database


Browser to the album page


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