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title: "Resume"
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<h1>Martin Shwalbe</h1>
<p><strong>Senior Software Engineer | Beziers, France</strong></p>
<h2><img src="/img/Document-icon.png" /> </span>Summary</h2>
<p>An experience of 11 years software development, web designing, database administration and 5 years in the automobile industry – BMW, Germany.
Immense passion to explore new technologies while continuing to achieve operational excellence. Highly motivated and innovative in finding solutions for problems as well as excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and German.
<h2><img src="/img/light-bulb-icon.png"/> Qualifications</h2>
<ul class="unstyled">
<li><strong>Expert in:</strong> PHP, Javascript, Html/CSS</li>
<h3>PHP Specific</h3>
<ul class="unstyled">
<li><strong>Version Diversity:</strong> PHP 4, 5, 5.X</li>
<li><strong>PHP Frameworks:</strong> Zend Framework</li>
<li><strong>PHP Tools & QA:</strong> APC, PHPUnit, Xdebug, phpDocumentor, phpcs, pdepend, phpmd, phpcpd and PHING</li>
<h3>Other Qualifications</h3>
<ul class="unstyled">
<li><strong>Database:</strong> Deep knowledge of MySQL</li>
<li><strong>Best Practices:</strong> Extensive knowledge of OOP principles and design patterns. Strong proponent of MVC.</li>
<li><strong>Community Involvement:</strong> Contributor to various open source projects and communities such as Zend Framework.</li>
<li><strong>Web Services:</strong> XML, JSON-RPC and REST,
<li><strong>Version Control:</strong> GIT and Subversion</li>
<li><strong>JavaScript frameworks:</strong> Dojo Toolkit</li>
<li><strong>Continuous Deployment:</strong> Jenkins and Phing</li>
<h2><img src="/img/clock-select-remain-icon.png" /> Experience</h2>
<p><em>Senior Software Engineer</em> <code>09/2011 - Present</code></p>
<p>V5 is a Web Framework designed to create complex webpages and offers functionalities for Frontend design such as a Layout Manager which can be used visually by Drag and Drop, an attributes system to customize and create forms of any kind. The whole system is Multipage/Multilanguage capable.
<ul class="unstyled">
<li>Zend Framwork 1 and 2 </li>
<li>Doctrine 2.2 </li>
<li>Dojo 1.8 </li>
<li>Service Oriented Architecture (Rest) </li>
<li>PHPUnit Testing </li>
<li>D.O.H (Dojo Objective Harness) Testing </li>
<h3>Project Responsibilities:</h3>
<ul class="unstyled">
<li>Implementation of ACL (Access Control List)</li>
<li>Planning and Integration of Continuous Deployment using Jenkins</li>
<li>Development of CI Integration for D.O.H</li>
<li>Implementation of Buildsteps for CI</li>
<li>Implementation Of SMD (Service Mapping Description) Generator</li>
<li>Migration from Zend Framework 1 to Zend Framework 2</li>
<li>Upgrade Dojo 1.5 to 1.6 </li>
<p><em>Freelance Consultant </em> <code>06/2009 - 08/2011</code></p>
<p>MFFactory is a flexible business application software developped for smaller and middle-sized companies which offers functionalities for ERP (Enterprise Ressource Planning) such as order management, purchase management/disposition and material and stock management. Easy and intuitive handling characterises the software solution which can quickly and easily be implemented and customised.</p>
<ul class="unstyled">
<li>Zend Framework</li>
<li>Doctrine ORM</li>
<li>Service Oriented Architecture (Rest)</li>
<li>BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool)</li>
<h3>Project Responsibilities</h3>
<ul class="unstyled">
<li>Creation of Service oriented Architecture</li>
<li>Project planning and mockup creation</li>
<li>Creation of a structure designer (Visual Relation Mapper) - implemented using dojox.gfx</li>
<li>Implementation of module work flow and design</li>
<li>Optimization of the software using profiling systems</li>
<li>Creating own Zend Tool functionality to improve the speed of development</li>
<li>Auto generation of module/service structure and forms</li>
<li>Implementation of ACL (Access Control List)</li>
<h3>Joomla Projects</h3>
<ul class="unstyled">
<li><a href="">Four in One</a></li>
<li><a href="">Schattenlabor</a></li>
<li class="sub">
<ul class="unstyled">
<li>Virtuemart Online Shop</li>
<li><a href="">Klavierunterricht von Linden</a></li>
<li><a href="">Jobcenter Kreis Pinneberg</a></li>
<p><em>Senior Software Engineer/Team Leader</em> <code>10/2008 - 06/2009</code></p>
<p>Develop a CMS for the social platform MyWhitecoat. MyWhitecoat is a worldwide community of healthcare practitioners built to improve patient outcomes. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and health care students can network with other healthcare practitioners all over the world, share best practices and observations based on their professional experiences through Video/Audio and Blogs.
<h3>VSplash Ltd</h3>
<p><em>Web Developer</em> <code>03/2008 - 10/2008</code></p>
<p>Develop and maintain numerous websites including Yellowpages Turkey/Palastine and Egypt. Analyzing Database failures, page maintenance, Debugging and Profiling Webpages with Xdebug
<h3>SetSign IT Solutions</h3>
<p><em>Web Developer</em> <code>01/2006 - 03/2007</code></p>
<p>Develop a Shopping Solution for Vanverde Germany.Vanverde’s requirement was for a web page with a range of products, price and product description. The company needed a website for improving the visibility for the products to the vendors and retailers and most importantly to support the warehousing activities
<h3>Avista Media</h3>
<p><em>Jr. Software Engineer</em> <code>09/2002 - 01/2006</code></p>
<p>Develop, maintain and manage a Content Management system for the oil company ITAG (
ITAG is a leading drilling contractor and manufacturing plant with more than 400 employees, founded in 1908 by Hermann von Rautenkranz. ITAG’s requirement was to get a user-friendly, self-managed web page developed for marketing it’s range of products and services.
<p><em>Quality Check & Mechanical Advisor at BMW, Celle, Germany</em> <code>09/2000 - 08/2002</code></p>
<p><em>Mechanical Support Executive at BMW, Celle, Germany</em> <code>01/1999 - 08/2000</code></p>
<p><em>Trainee Mechanic at BMW, Celle, Germany</em> <code>08/1995 - 01/1999</code></p>
<h2><img src="/img/system-star-icon.png"/> Educational Qualifications</h2>
<ul class="unstyled">
<li>Fachinformatiker (Software Application Engineering) from Profil GmbH in January 2006,</li>
<li>Technical certification from BMW for completion of car mechanic 1999</li>
<li>Completed Hauptschule (Higher Secondary School) 1995,</li>