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What is RaySession ?


RaySession is a GNU/Linux session manager for audio programs such as Ardour, Carla, QTractor, Guitarix, Patroneo, Jack Mixer, etc...
The principle is to load together audio programs, then be able to save or close all documents together.
Its main purpose is to manage NSM compatible programs, but it also helps for other programs.

it benefits from a nice patchbay, a complete manual as well as a splendid web site .

An integrated client can save and restore JACK connections.
Except this, RaySession doesn't deals with JACK, the recommended user behavior is to use it when JACK is already started.


  • Load many programs together and remember their documents and jack connections in an unified folder
  • Nice patchbay with stereo connections, wrappable boxes and a search tool
  • Snapshot at each save (optional), then you can go back to the snapshot (it uses git)
  • Save client as template, and then restore it easily
  • Save session as template
  • Make almost all actions and get several informations with the CLI named ray_control
  • Script sessions and clients actions with shell scripts
  • Remember and recall JACK configuration with the jack_config session scripts
  • Having sub-sessions working through the network with the "Network Session" template
  • Remember the virtual desktop of the programs (requires wmctrl, doesn't works with Wayland)
  • Bookmark the current session folder in your file manager and file pickers (gtk, kde, qt, fltk)
  • Many others...


You can see documentation on NSM protocol at:

RaySession is being developed by Mathieu Picot (houston4444), using Python3 and Qt5.