Assets 2

This release offers some new features but the biggest work was focused on code re-organisation.

New features:

  • New Option (activated by default): provide bookmark (shortcut) of the session folder for gtk2, gtk3, qt4, qt5, fltk and kde5 file pickers.
  • New Option: Desktops Memory (requires wmctrl). If activated, clients windows will be moved to the given desktop when session is ready, or when a client is ready. It may not works depending on your D.E.
  • Edit executable and arguments in client properties window. Arguments are supposed to be not supported by NSM. Sometimes it works and it can be useful.
  • option -s to load session at startup
  • ray-proxy: new option "wait window for reply" (requires wmctrl)
  • sooperlooper_nsm: option to pause and trig with jack_transport events (play/pause)
  • new factory templates for ADLplug, Petri-Foo, Shuriken, Sequencer64 and SooperLooper +Transport