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October 2012 Meetup

Location: Start Houston
Date: October 10, 2012

Main Course

Fitter, Happier, and More Productive

We focus on languages, frameworks, patterns, and methodologies in a desperate attempt to be more productive. We strive to be more productive so we aren't overworked and stressed. Then we can be successful. Then, and only then, can we be happy.

The fact is that languages, frameworks, and agile methodologies won't solve the underlying problem: your happiness. The key is the flip this problem around. Find what makes you happy. Find your purpose, use your gifts, and work hard at your craft. Happiness is not achieved through job titles or income. Happiness comes from doing the things you love. And only happiness breeds true success.

JB is going to discuss a series of resources covering happiness and success. In the end, you will have a set of steps to begin your own journey transforming the way you approach work and developing software.

Jonathan Birkholz

Slides -- download and view the HTML

Appetizer Course

Rails Essentials: simple_form by @jwo.

Jesse Wolgamott

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