Aurinko - a document database engine implementation in Clojure
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Welcome! Aurinko is a networked document database engine implementation in Clojure programming language.

Features (and why you would choose Aurinko)

  • Store, manage and retrieve documents in native Clojure data structures using EDN Extensible Data Notation
  • Durable data - Your data is safe in event of write-failure/unclean shutdown
  • Networked - Safely handle concurrent database connections with fairness guarantee
  • Nice performance - Handle 4,000+ writes / 8,000+ lookups per second with confidence (given proper connection pooling)
  • Handle complex query - Use stack based syntax to easily build powerful and complex queries
  • Compact - Implemented in just about 700 lines of Clojure code


This 10 minutes tutorial will walk you through all features of Aurinko: click here

Implementation Details

Project Releases

Version Release date Branch Changes/Notes
0.1 12 August 2012 0.1 First release
0.2 23 August 2012 0.2 %40+ performance improvements
V0.1 database is fully compatible with V0.2
0.3 27 September 2012 0.3 Fixed performance, network throughput and memory usage issues.
V0.3 database is NOT compatible with V0.1/V0.2.

Aurinko is actively developed, please submit feature recommendations and check out Issues section for features wish list.


You are very welcomed to submit your feedback/question/suggestion/feature request to the author Howard Guo. Please also follow me on Twitter @hzguo and my blog Howard’s programming and OS stuff.

License & Copyright

Source Copyright 2012 Howard Guo. Distributed under the Simplified BSD License.