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Code for the Pygmalion Festival

First download and install ROS Indigo:

See the following repository for instructions on how to compile ROS for Mac OS X:

In order for the Vicon bridge to work you need to place the dylibs in /usr/lib and mark them as executable:

sudo cp libViconDataStreamSDK_CPP.dylib /usr/lib
sudo cp libDebugServices.dylib /usr/lib
sudo chmod 755 /usr/lib/libViconDataStreamSDK_CPP.dylib sudo chmod 755 /usr/lib/ libDebugServices.dylib

Then build this ROS packages:



Run the following commands in two separate terminals in order run the drone draw demo:

source devel/setup.bash && roslaunch crazyflie_driver crazyflie_percy.launch vicon_ip:=
./ percy

Where vicon_ip:= is IP adress of the computer running Vicon.

The source for the Android app is located here: The Android app will upload the path to your Dropbox in the ~/Dropbox/Apps/DroneDraw directory.

To generate a new trajectory based on the path generated from the Android app:

./ -i ~/Dropbox/Apps/DroneDraw/path.csv -o ~/Dropbox/Apps/DroneDraw/IRL_path.csv

This will generate a trajectory using Bezier curves and generate timestamps based on constant velocity. Currently the demo expect the generated path to be located in that particular folder.

Add the argument -p in order to plot the generated path. The argument -w makes the script wait until the path has changed. This is useful when using it in a live demo, as it will automatically detect when a new path is uploaded to Dropbox and then calculate a trajectory automatically.

Video demonstraion

Painting with drones

Crane demo

Start crazyflie in center of the room.

  1. Setup
  • Connect to Cisco11477 wifi or Ethernet
  • Plug in xbox controller. Press center button of controller to turn on
  • Plug in Crazyradio PA dongle
  • Point front (red/green lights) of vehicle towards door
  • Power vehicle
  1. Edit Config Files
  • Drone Name [repo_location]/src/crazyflie_ros/crazyflie_demo/scripts/ In the main function you must choose which version of veh1. So far we have either percy or q2. One option will be enabled and the other will be commented.

  • Set Vicon Computer IP (if not already correct)

  1. Start ROS
  • Open terminal and run:
  1. Enable Joystick
  • Open terminal and run:
rosrun joy joy_node
  1. Source bash script for and run roslaunch
  • Open terminal and run:
cd [repo_location]
source devel/setup.bash
roslaunch crazyflie_driver crazyflie_DRONENAME.launch

vicon data should be streaming

  1. Launch Crazyflie
  • Open Terminal
cd [repo_location]
  1. Ctrl + C to stop