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Testing webapps

The why and how

In this talk we explore some experiences on how a high level of automation in testing can benefit the development workflow and look at how to use Cypress to automate end-to-end tests of websites.

You can check out the hosted version of the slides at:

This deck

This deck is based on mdx-deck and you can find the slides in top level .mdx files. They are united into a single presentation through index.js.

Around that we use custom themes and a couple of components.

This project provides a few commands:

# Run presentation locally
npm start

# Create standalone HTML version
npm run build

# Generate a PDF version
npm run export

For exporting the presentation to PDF we use slides-to-pdf.

Demo site

In demo-site you can find a simple website that illustrates all the implementation details for Cypress mentioned in the slides.

To run the site locally and open Cypress to test it, simply run:

cd demo-site
npm i
npm start

# In a second shell in the demo-site folder
npm test


This deck is build using mdx-deck.

Animation on opening slide done using react-particles-js, visit their demo site to create something similar.