Illustrate a problem with puer used as middleware
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This repo looks to illustrate a problem with puer used as middleware.

Expected behavior

Upon calling server.close() the server should be closed and the program should exit due to no more running tasks.

Observed behavior

Program keeps running instead.

Finding the problem

Commenting out the use of puer as middleware will solve the issue. Therefore it should be responsible for this behavior. process._getActiveHandles() allows us to look at everthing that might keep the program alive. A print of this command after closing the server can be found in this gist which looks at a case with and one without using puer.


Using above approach I found that there is a 10 seconds long timer ruinning as well as a file watcher for each file in the folder to be watched.

These are the only things introduced by puer.

Suggested solution

Maybe puer can expose a function to stop all it's file watchers and timers it might create.

Potential problems

The timer running might be created by the sockets or a submodule used by puer.

Why I do it this way

I am looking to build a module that can run and shut down a server which uses puer to introduce more complex routes to it. I also want to be able to test my implemented logic. For this it is needed to programatically create and shut down the server. The project I am working on is puerF