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- Comix README -

=== About =====================================================================
  Comix is a user-friendly, customizable image viewer. It is specifically
  designed to handle comic books, but also serves as a generic viewer. It
  reads images in ZIP, RAR or tar archives as well as plain image files. It
  is written in Python and uses GTK+ through the PyGTK bindings. 

=== Installation ==============================================================

  Run "python install" as root to install Comix in /usr/local.
  To uninstall, simply run "python uninstall".
  If order to install Comix in another base directory, use the --dir option.
      # python --dir /usr install

  If you have installed with --dir, do not forget to use the same option when
  There is another option, --no-mime, that can be used to tell that
  it should not register new mime types for cbz, cbr and cbt archives, or
  install the thumbnail creation script for these files that is used by some
  file managers (such as Nautilus and Thunar).
  As an example of how to install Comix from the downloaded tar.gz file, run
  as the root user (via su or sudo):
      # tar -xzf comix-x.y.tar.gz
      # cd comix-x.y
      # python install
  If you don't want to install Comix in some system directory, you can just
  execute the file src/ in the unpacked Comix directory to run the
  program. You could also create a symlink somewhere in your PATH pointing to
  this file.
=== Dependencies ==============================================================
  Comix needs Python 2.4, PyGTK 2.12 and PIL (Python Imaging Library) 1.1.5 or
  newer to function. 
  To use the library you need pysqlite (which is usually included in the
  standard library for Python 2.5 and later).
  You also need either the "unrar" or the "rar" program installed if you wish
  to read RAR (.cbr) archives.
=== Credits ===================================================================
  Thanks to everyone who have contributed translations, suggestions, bug 
  reports, fixes and donations!
  Icons with a filename starting with "gimp" are taken from The GIMP, and
  icons with a filename starting with "tango" are taken from the Tango Desktop
  Project. Most other icons are made by Victor Castillejo, creator of the
  GNOME-Colors icon theme.
=== Contact ===================================================================
  Pontus Ekberg <>
  Don't hesitate to contact me.

  Have a nice day.