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Added Indonesian translation to install script.

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Pontus Ekberg
Pontus Ekberg committed Nov 26, 2008
1 parent 06f3aab commit bd0c80d45b58437ef8c6f69376f8b620bafac985
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@@ -28,11 +28,11 @@
install_dir = '/usr/local/'
install_mime = True
-TRANSLATIONS = ('es', 'sv')
+TRANSLATIONS = ('es', 'id', 'sv')
# These translations have not yet been updated for Comix 4.0:
#'zh_CN', 'zh_TW', 'pt_BR', 'de', 'it', 'nl', 'fr', 'pl', 'el', 'ca',
-#'ja', 'hu', 'ru', 'hr', 'cs', 'fa', 'id', 'ko'
+#'ja', 'hu', 'ru', 'hr', 'cs', 'fa', 'ko'
# Files to be installed, as (source file, destination directory)
FILES = (("src/", "share/comix/src"),

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